Fox Bet Sports Betting App Officially Launches In Colorado

Posted on May 19, 2020

Colorado sports bettors have a new toy at their disposal thanks to the launch of Fox Bet.

The app officially launched on Tuesday (May 19) and partners with the Lady Luck Casino in Black Hawk.

The launch is exciting for everyone because Colorado is the sportsbook’s first expansion outside of the Northeast. It also operates in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

While major US sports slowly come back online, the options for Colorado sports bettors continue to grow.

Fox Bet is the sixth app to offer sports betting in Colorado since the launch on May 1. That is out of 17 that will launch in the future.

  • DraftKings: Partner with Golden Mardi Gras
  • FanDuel: Partner with Golden Gates Casino
  • BetMGM: Partner with Midnight Rose Hotel and Casino
  • BetRivers: Partner with J.P. McGill’s Hotel and Casino
  • BetMonarch
  • Fox Bet: Partner with Lady Luck Casino

At least right now, there aren’t any plans for Fox Bet to offer a brick-and-mortar sportsbook at Lady Luck.

“Expansion into any new state is exciting because it’s an opportunity for us to showcase our unique approach to gaming and engage with sports fans,” Eddie Motl told PlayColorado. Motl is the vice president of communications at Fox Bet.

Sports in America are tribal and so anytime we get to communicate with a new community, in this case, Colorado, it’s an opportunity to learn from those fans and serve them with content tailored to their style. It is significant for us to now be in a market outside the northeast as we approach a new set of consumers.”

Fox Bet in Colorado

Since sports betting is relatively new in Colorado, it’s not just the apps that get a fresh start.

Prospective bettors, especially ones who have never wagered on sports before, have the chance to test the available apps and choose the one they like best.

Heck, they might use more than one. There’s no need to limit oneself.

Whether through pre-sign-up offers or ease of use, bettors in Colorado have the chance to see what separates the apps from each other.

Fox Bet hopes to stand out amongst the competition.

“Our business is different. We are sports first, betting second,” Motl told PlayColorado. “Overall, our goal is to make betting part of the sports narrative and the sports viewing journey in America. We know from experience that this has proven to enhance the enjoyment of sports and increase engagement.

“Through our relationship with Fox Sports/FS1 and when done skillfully, betting information can enable sports media companies to increase their reach and engagement as well. Prior to the 2019-20 NFL season, we launched our free-to-play game, Fox Bet Super 6. It’s through that free-to-play game as well as some qualitative and quantitative research that we’ve been able to get a head start on the competition, learn about sports fan tendencies in America and in particular how to market to the recreational sports bettor.”

Passionate Broncos Country

It never hurts to have one of the most popular players from the Denver Broncos to help attract Broncos Country to Fox Bet.

Fans of the Broncos will regularly hear from Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe.

“Bronco Country and Colorado sports fans hold a special place in my heart and mind,” Shape said in a release. He is a Fox Bet ambassador and co-host of FS1’s Skip and Shannon: Undisputed. “Now that Fox Bet is at your fingertips in Colorado, we are primed to make a big splash and enhance the sports viewing experience.”

It’s the passion from Broncos Country, coupled with excitement and optimism thanks to Drew Lock and his new allotment of toys on offense, that has Fox Bet eager to see what this new market delivers.

“There is no doubt that the Colorado football fan is knowledgeable, vocal, and above all, passionate about their local teams,” Motl told PlayColorado. “We are extremely excited about the opportunity in front of us in Colorado.”

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