Colorado Online Gambling

Online gambling is becoming more relevant in the US as time goes by. The ability to place wagers on a smartphone or laptop is one that many Americans would like to enjoy.

So, here is what is happening on that front in Colorado. Of course, the big story in Colorado is the advent of retail and online sports betting in the state.

However, Colorado does have some things to consider when it comes to online gambling. So, here is a guide for all things online gambling in the Centennial State.

The state of gambling in Colorado

First and foremost, let’s talk about what online gambling is present in Colorado. Even though online gambling remains a tricky situation, there are some opportunities that Colorado residents can use if they want to place a wager through their devices.

Active online gambling

The most obvious active online gambling in the state right now is daily fantasy sports. Since 2016, Coloradans have had the opportunity to play DFS with full support of the state government.

In fact, Colorado was the fifth state in the country to legalize DFS. Then-Gov. John Hickenlooper signed H 1404 in June 2016 to create a space in the law for the games.

Colorado residents may also bet on horse races online. TVG and other horse betting sites are more than happy to welcome business from those in the Centennial State. Given the single horsetrack and roughly one dozen OTBs in the state, it’s not a surprise that some Colorado inhabitants are looking for some more options.

Finally, the Colorado Lottery has some limited online offerings for people. It is possible to purchase Advance Play on drawings at retail locations and then monitor your results through the lottery app. Outright purchasing of lottery games remains illegal.

Sweepstakes sites

One type of gambling-related activity that bears mention is sweepstakes play. There are numerous sweepstakes sites that Coloradans can access in order to enjoy many of the same games that states with online casinos offer.

The key to the legality of a sweepstakes site is whether or not it is possible to play without purchase. A requirement to invest directly would render them gambling and, thus, illegal.

The most popular sweepstakes sites available in Colorado are the group of sites owned and operated by VGW Holdings. These sites offer excellent options for slots, table games, and online poker games. So, let’s talk about what you may find through this network of options.

Chumba CasinoChumba Casino is the larger and more diverse of the two casino-based sweepstakes sites in the network. You can find opportunities for both slot games and table games here. The main focus of the site is on its slot titles. There are nearly 60 different games that offer service to players wanting to try to win.

Players can also take part in games of blackjack, roulette, and video poker. No matter the selection, you will find a colorful and visually appealing option waiting for your play.

Global Poker: Global Poker is, obviously, the poker site of the quartet. Players from around the country can compete with each other for prizes that are redeemable for real money. Global offers four different types of games onsite. There are cash games, tournaments, sit-n-gos, and jackpot sit-n-gos.

Each of these game types is available at a variety of limits. It is possible to play for and win thousands of cash prizes through the games on Global Poker.

Luckyland Slots: Luckyland Slots is smaller than its brother, Chumba, but don’t overlook the site. Luckyland offers an extremely rich visual experience through its list of games. Like its name implies, Luckyland is a slots-specific website. There are more than 20 great slot titles available onsite.

However, these games are each fully-realized slot machines with bonus features and slick presentation values. For those who want a visual feast, Luckyland is the place to be.

All three of these sites operate with a unique dual currency system. One of them, Sweeps Coins, is unavailable for direct purchase but can be redeemed for actual cash.

However, players can purchase the other currency, Gold Coins, and receive an amount of Sweeps Coins for free as part of the purchase. Gold Coins have no monetary value and cannot be redeemed.

It is also possible to send a handwritten request to any of these sites for free Sweeps Cash. Because of this option, it is technically not necessary to spend any money in order to play. Purchasing Gold Coins is a convenience, rather than a requirement.

So, Colorado residents are more than welcome to take part in these games. From a legal perspective, they are closer to Publishers Clearing House than PokerStars.

Future Colorado online gambling

Obviously, the big story with regard to online gambling in Colorado is sports betting. Some number of the state’s 33 casinos are launching online sportsbooks in Colorado, available to anyone over the age of 21 in the state.

If the performance of the online sector in other states is any clue, online sports betting will soon become the dominant form of sports betting in Colorado. The convenience, flexibility, and promotional opportunities leave most retail facilities struggling to keep up.

Legal and public opinion roadblocks present challenges

However, Colorado remains hostile to most other forms of online gambling. Online casinos and online poker have not found much traction in the state house. In fact, the last notable effort to promote any kind of online gambling bill occurred in 2013.

An ill-fated online poker bill managed to be assigned to a committee before quickly dying. The bill, a product of the Colorado Gaming Association, seemed to be more of a ceremonial attempt than a serious pass at legislation.

Since then, no other lawmaker in Colorado has brought up the issue in any kind of meaningful way. Part of the silence on the issue is due to an overall lack of support within public opinion.

In fact, gambling hub Black Hawk commissioned a survey to gauge favorability on the issue back in 2013. The results were not terribly optimistic.

“Our survey showed that the voters of the state did not have much appetite for online gambling,” then-city manager Jack Lewis told the Denver Post.

The state attorney general has not made it particularly easy to expand, either. In the same year as the most recent bill, 2013, the AG released an opinion that online gambling is illegal under state law.

That opinion remains the published bottom line on the Colorado state government’s page regarding online gambling. The top law enforcement official in the state also opined that it would require lawmakers to pass a constitutional amendment in order to allow online gambling in Colorado.

The only glimmer of hope is the oncoming online sports betting and the soon-to-debut online casinos in Michigan. If those two elements show promise, the revenue potential for online casinos and poker might start turning some heads in Denver.