Aaron Rodgers Plans To Play For Green Bay This Season

Written By Ian St. Clair on 07/26/2021 - Last Updated on July 27, 2021
Aaron Rodgers Denver Broncos rumors

On the eve of Denver Broncos training camp, a cloud of mystery seems to have dissipated.

It appears that Aaron Rodgers will not be their quarterback in 2021.

Though anything is possible, it’s time to put the rumors and speculation to bed.

On Monday, Ian Rapoport with NFL Network reported that Rodgers has indicated to people close to him that he does plan to play for the Green Bay Packers this season.

Although, on the Pat McAfee Show, Rapport did add: “I will say I do not know for sure that (Rodgers) is going to be there tomorrow.”

This is the clearest indication yet that Rodgers is staying put since the trade drama sparked on the first night of the NFL Draft in April.

On Monday afternoon, Adam Schefter with ESPN confirmed Rapoport’s news.

Schefter added that the new agreement between Rodgers and the Packers, once finalized, would help set up Rodgers’ departure from Green Bay after this season. So there’s that, Broncos Country.

Three-month Aaron Rodgers saga comes to an end

This also puts a cap on one wild week.

A week ago, the consensus was that Rodgers would show up to Packers training camp.

Then later in the week, the tide shifted to he may “retire.”

In fact, Jay Kornegay at the SuperBook heard from a source that Rodgers is planning to “retire” and the sportsbook took down over/under wins for the Packers. PointsBet followed suit due to the retirement talk. For what it’s worth, DraftKings hasn’t had over/under wins for Green Bay for two months.

Circa Sports still had the Packers over/under wins available prior to this recent news.

From a NFL betting perspective, there’s a huge difference between Rodgers and Jordan Love. With Rodgers, Green Bay is a Super Bowl contender. With Love, they are beyond longshots. Somewhere in the +6,000 range, at least.

The same holds true for those betting on the Broncos.

In terms of the “retirement” talk, it was a tactic used by Carson Palmer in 2011 when he was with the Cincinnati Bengals. Palmer refused to play for the Bengals, so he “retired.”

Cincinnati traded the “retired” Palmer in October to the then-Oakland Raiders.

Palmer’s agent was David Dunn, who also happens to be Rodgers’ agent.

Since it appears that Rodgers will show up and play for Green Bay in 2021, that’s all for naught.

This also dashes all hope for a trade to Denver until next year.

How will Broncos Super Bowl odds adjust?


As a result of this news, expect to see the sportsbooks adjust the Broncos Super Bowl betting odds back to at least +6,000. That’s what they were prior to the speculation on Draft night.

At DraftKings, the Packers are now +1,400. Prior to the Rapoport news, Green Bay was +2,800.

As for Denver, it was +3,500 before the news at DraftKings. Expect that number to climb back up.

Not to mention the chances of the Broncos making the NFL playoffs. After this news, the odds will plummet to what the they were prior to the rumors.

The same will happen for the AFC and AFC West odds.

Broncos set for another QB competition

Now that the Broncos starting quarterback situation is down to Teddy Bridgewater and Drew Lock, more than likely you’re looking at a .500 team that has a chance to make the playoffs.

In terms of the Rodgers’ future, anything is possible at this point.

Even with the latest news, Rodgers getting traded next season is the most likely scenario. While it’s been reported he wants the Broncos, there’s no guarantee that will remain the case in 2022.

Another possibility has emerged in all of this as well: Rodgers plays one more year in Green Bay and then he’s released. That would give him full say over where he goes next. Similar to Tom Brady. The problem with that scenario is Green Bay gets nothing in return if it goes that route. It wouldn’t even get a compensatory pick from the team that signs him.

Will the Packers be content getting literally nothing in return for Rodgers? It’s hard to believe that’s an outcome they’re content to see play out.

At least for now, the dream of Rodgers playing for the Broncos is over, and with it, the cloud hanging over Broncos Country is gone.

Bring on yet another quarterback competition.


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