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From moneylines to point spreads, totals, futures, parlays, and props, there is no shortage of NFL betting options in Colorado. It starts in the offseason and runs all the way through the Super Bowl as legal sportsbooks have CO NFL betting covered all year round.

Home to the three-time Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos, NFL betting is as popular in Colorado as any other state. More money is bet on the NFL at legal sportsbooks across the US than any other sport.

Here’s a closer look at how to bet on the NFL in CO including the best sports betting apps, live NFL odds, and the best NFL bets you can make.

Live NFL Odds at Colorado Sportsbooks

See below for current odds at Colorado online sportsbooks for the next Super Bowl winner, Conference champions and NFL MVP. During the season you’ll find real-time NFL game lines (point spreads, moneyline and totals). Click on any odds to jump right to the sportsbook, claim your CO sports betting bonus and start locking in your bets at the current odds.

How to bet on the NFL in Colorado

Here’s a look at the best Colorado NFL betting apps you can use with a mobile device or computer anywhere you are inside state lines with internet or mobile access:

NFL betting apps

draftkings app coThere’s really no match for the convenience of betting on football with a betting app because you can do it from anywhere in state lines on your phone or computer.

Placing NFL bets online is an easy three-step process:

  • Signing up for an account
  • Making a deposit
  • Filling out a bet slip

The process may vary across CO sports betting apps, but the basics are the same:

Sign up for an account

If you want to make an NFL bet online in Colorado, you have to sign up for an account with an online sportsbook first. Fortunately, online sportsbooks make this easy.

Just find the “Sign Up,” “Join,” or “Register” tab on the homepage. Then, fill out the required personal and account information fields, usually consisting of your:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Cell number
  • Date of birth
  • Last four digits of your SSN
  • Account name
  • Password

There’s almost always a space for you to enter a promo code, which you can find right here. These promo codes ensure you get the best new player bonus available.

Finally, check a few boxes to accept various terms and conditions and submit the information with one final click.

The operator will take a bit of time to verify your age using your SSN info and they will also need to verify your location with geolocation technology, but you should be ready to take the next step toward placing bets on the NFL in Colorado in just minutes.

Make a deposit

If you want to make an NFL bet online in Colorado, you are going to have to get some money into your account to wager with first. Fortunately, mobile sportsbooks make it easy to deposit money into your account. In fact, most offer you a wide variety of different deposit methods.

Taking this next step toward betting on the NFL in Colorado requires you to first log in to your account using the credentials you provided at sign-up.

Then, find the “Deposit” or “Cashier” tab on the operator’s homepage. It may be in the My Account” menu.

Next, choose the most convenient method of deposit available. This will include everything from cash at various retail locations, to credit and debit cards, and online payment processors.

Enter the amount you want to deposit, then follow the prompts for your chosen method of deposit. Finally, confirm the transaction, and the funds should be almost immediately available.

Place an NFL bet

Once you’ve registered for an account and deposited funds inside it, you’ll need to create your bet slip. This is a simple, six-step process:

  • Logging into your account
  • Browsing through the available NFL betting markets
  • Clicking on a line you want to bet on
  • Checking that the information contained on the instantly created bet slip is correct
  • Entering the amount you wish to bet at these odds
  • Making sure the potential payout displayed is satisfactory and clicking the Place Bet” tab at the bottom of the bet slip to confirm.

How to bet on football games

There are a few basic ways you can bet on the NFL at Colorado retail sportsbooks and online betting sites. These include:

  • Moneyline: The money line is the easiest way to bet on the NFL. Just pick the winner of a game and book the bet at the odds posted at the time. Favorites have a negative (-) money line figure, indicating how much you’ll need to bet to win $100 plus your bet back. Underdogs have a positive (+) money line figure, indicating how much you’ll earn for every $100 you bet. For example, if the Broncos odds have the money line at -120, you’ll need to bet $120 to win $100 plus your $120 bet back. If the Denver Broncos’ money line is at +200, you’ll stand to win $200 for every $100 you bet plus your total bet back.
  • Point spread: Point spread bets ask you to pick the winner of a game with a point spread set by oddsmakers factored into the final score. For example, if the Denver Broncos’ point spread is at -7, they’ll need to win by at least eight points for point spread bets on them to pay. If the Denver Broncos’ point spread is at +7, they’ll need to win outright, or lose by six points or fewer for point spread bets on them to pay.
  • Totals: This basic NFL bet asks you to choose whether the total points scored in a game will be over or under a total score line set by oddsmakers. Over/under bets are also booked at varying money line odds.
  • Props: Proposition bets, or props, are essentially side wagers on things that may or may not happen during the game, and bets on players achieving various statistical milestones. Examples include a bet on the team that will score first and whether or not a particular quarterback will throw for over 300 yards.
  • Parlays: Parlays are high risk, high reward bets that ask you to combine two or more bets into a single wager. That means each bet must win for the parlay to pay. Parlays have become one of the most popular ways to bet on the NFL because of the potential for a big payday.
  • Futures: NFL futures bets allow you to bet on a particular team to win the Super Bowl, conference, or division. NFL futures markets open before the season starts and the odds on each team are adjusted as the season and playoffs continue. Of course, this means the price for true contenders is often better the earlier you book the bet and may get significantly worse on underdogs that surprise everyone by emerging as contenders themselves.

How live betting works with football

Live betting, also known as in-play or in-game betting, is the process of betting on an NFL game once it is already underway. The bet types are the same ones you see before kickoff, but the odds and lines are quickly adjusted based on what’s happening on the field.

Live betting is offered everywhere, but as you might figure, it’s a lot easier to pull off via online sports betting apps.

For big events, including the NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl, the number of live betting opportunities increases exponentially.

NFL betting tips

You can develop your own NFL betting strategy by focusing on information. Good information is the one thing the best NFL betting strategies all have in common. That means you have to do your homework if you’re going to bet on the NFL in Colorado successfully.

There’s no substitute for good research. That means scouring the internet and reading all you can about the NFL from every source you can. The trick is to make educated and informed picks instead of just throwing darts at a board blindfolded. You can also gather information by watching NFL games. Nothing will prepare you better for picking winners than watching the games.

Then, it’s a matter of being selective. Just because there are as many as 16 games on the schedule in any given week doesn’t mean you have to bet on every one of them. Stick to the picks that stick out. Plus, avoid multi-game parlays that offer attractive payouts that rarely pay off.

Line shopping

When you have a pick in mind, it’s always a good idea to go line shopping. That means looking at the line at every licensed Colorado sports betting operation that you can.

Think of the line as the price you’re getting on a bet. Since different Colorado sports betting operators offer different lines on NFL games, you can shop around for the best price. This is easy to do online with sports betting apps, and it’ll put money in your pocket over the length of the season.

Line movement and fading the public

When you’re line shopping throughout the week, you might notice that some lines move. Lines also move for reasons that include:

  • Injuries to key players.
  • Reports of inclement weather.
  • Big bets or increases in action on one side.

It takes a lot to move a sportsbook’s needle, but a big bet or increased action on one side or the other will move the line. If a line moves because the majority of the betting public is on that side, that gives you an opportunity to fade the public. It essentially represents an artificial movement in the line. In other words, there’s no on-the-field reason for the adjustment, so you can take advantage by sticking to what oddsmakers initially thought.

Betting mistakes to avoid

Finally, here are three things you’re going to want to avoid if you want to bet on the NFL successfully in Colorado:

  • Chasing your losses: You might want to chase your losses with bigger and more bets when they start to add up. However, betting bigger when you’re on a downswing is just a fast way to go broke. Manage your bankroll properly by betting the same amount for most or all of your bets. Slow and steady wins the race, and you’ll avoid going broke before the winning streak starts.
  • Betting with your heart: Diehard fans should probably avoid betting on the team altogether. Too many fans make the mistake of betting with their hearts instead of their heads. You should use information, statistics, and data to pick winners, not your undying belief in the home team.
  • Loving the long shots: Get behind a few favorites sometimes. They are favorites for a reason, after all. Good prices on long shots can be attractive, but you’ll lose a lot more of these bets than you’ll win. A sound betting strategy involves a mix of betting favorites and underdogs.

Preseason, regular season and playoffs

The NFL features a short preseason, followed by a 17-week regular season in which each team plays 16 games, and finally a 12-team, single-elimination playoff tournament, culminating with the Super Bowl to decide the NFL’s annual champion.

NFL preseason

The NFL preseason is a part of training camp. Preseason games act as a tune-up for the regular season. Starters rarely play more than a quarter, and winning matters very little. Colorado sportsbooks will offer lines on the games, but it’s just a guessing game. The teams aren’t playing to win, and the best players spend more time on the sidelines, making it hard to set accurate lines.

The NFL preseason begins with the pro football Hall of Fame game in August and generally features three weekends full of games with outcomes that are difficult to predict.

NFL regular season

Most NFL teams try to win every regular-season game they can. The exceptions include teams with a playoff spot locked up or teams tanking to move up in next year’s draft.

There are 32 NFL teams divided into two 16-team conferences, the AFC and NFC. Each NFL team plays 17 games during the 18-week regular season. The top seven teams in each conference move on to the playoffs. Sportsbooks set various lines on every regular-season game.

NFL playoffs

The AFC and NFC are each divided into four divisions of four teams each. The teams with the top regular-season records in each division qualify for the playoffs and are seeded one through four in the conference.

The three teams with the next best records in each conference that did not win a division also qualify as wild card teams and are seeded five, six and seven.

Once the NFL playoffs start, it’s win or go home. It is a single-elimination tournament to decide the NFL championship, so teams compete at the highest level.

The playoffs begin with the wild card round. The top seed in each conference get a bye. The second seed hosts the seventh seed, the third seed hosts the sixth seed, and the fourth seed hosts the fifth.

The winners move on to play in the Divisional Playoffs. The top seed always faces the team with the worst record.

The winners meet in the AFC and NFC Conference Championship games held the very next weekend.

Playoff game lines are well-researched and accurate most of the time.

The Super Bowl

Finally, the AFC and NFC champions face off in the Super Bowl to decide who is the NFL champion. In addition to usually accurate basic lines on the game, Colorado sportsbooks will offer a wider variety of props for betting on the Super Bowl.

How to watch the NFL in Colorado

While most games are only available through a cable package or NFL League Pass, some NFL games do livestream during the season. For example, Amazon Prime often carries the London games and has a deal to stream Thursday Night Football games. Additionally, the Yahoo Sports app has a deal to make some games available for livestreaming.

ESPN is the home of Monday Night Football, with ESPN2 showcasing the Peyton & Eli simulcast.

Those who want online access to the entire NFL must buy an NFL Sunday Ticket or NFL Game Pass package that allows livestreaming and online replays.

The NFL also has broadcast deals with FOX (NFC) and CBS (AFC), allowing you to watch regional games on TV. That means you’ll find most Denver Broncos games on CBS affiliates in Colorado, including:

  • KKTV 11 in Colorado Springs
  • KCNC-TV 4 in Denver
  • KREZ-TV 6 in Durango
  • KREX-TV 5 in Grand Junction
  • KREY-TV 10 in Montrose

It also means you’ll find Broncos road games against NFC opponents on FOX affiliates in Colorado, including:

  • KXRM-TV 21 in Colorado Springs
  • KDVR 31 in Denver
  • KRQE-DT2 in Durango
  • KFCT 22 in Fort Collins
  • KFQX 4 in Grand Junction

These FOX and CBS affiliates will also show various national games and games with regional interest on Sundays.

Colorado NFL teams and rivals

Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos play in the highly competitive AFC West Division. The team started as a charter member of the AFL back in 1960 and joined the NFL after the 1970 merger.

The team is currently owned by Rob Walton, Greg Penner and Carrie Walton Penner, with a number of other minority owners.

However, the owner who will always stand above the rest is Pat Bowlen. Bowlen and his family bought the team in 1984 and he served as the Broncos CEO until July 2014. Bowlen stepped down due to the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2019 and died in June 2019.

The Broncos advanced to the Super Bowl (XII) for the first time in 1977. However, the golden years of the franchise mirrored the career of Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway.

The Elway years

Elway arrived in 1983 and took the team to the Super Bowl in 1986, 1987, and 1989. The Broncos lost every one of these games, but Elway led the team back to the Super Bowl in 1997 and 1998, where the Broncos won back-to-back titles (Super Bowl XXXII and XXXIII). Elway retired following Super Bowl XXXIII and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2004.

He has since become the team’s general manager and president of football operations and put together the Broncos’ Super Bowl 50-winning team in 2015.

Overall, the Denver Broncos have won eight AFC championships and three Super Bowls. The team shares the NFL record for most Super Bowl losses with the New England Patriots at five.

Fourteen players who spent at least part of their careers with the Denver Broncos are enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame:

  • John Elway
  • Floyd Little
  • Shannon Sharpe
  • Gary Zimmerman
  • Willie Brown
  • Tony Dorsett
  • Jerry Rice
  • Terrell Davis
  • Brian Dawkins
  • Ty Law
  • Champ Bailey
  • Steve Atwater
  • John Lynch
  • Peyton Manning

The Broncos play home games at Empower Field at Mile High. The stadium was known as Invesco Field at Mile High from 2001–2010, Sports Authority Field at Mile High from 2011–2017, and Broncos Stadium at Mile High from 2018–2019. The team previously played at Mile High Stadium from 1960 to 2000.

Empower Field at Mile High
Address: 1701 Mile High Stadium Circle, Denver, CO 80204-1771, USA
Phone: +1 720-258-3000
Capacity: 76,125


Most of the Denver Broncos’ chief (pun intended) rivals are in the AFC West division:

  • Kansas City Chiefs. Broncos-Chiefs has evolved into one of the NFL’s most storied rivalries. The Broncos actually beat the Chiefs on the road in the playoffs at Arrowhead Stadium en route to the team’s first Super Bowl win in 1997.
  • Las Vegas Raiders: Broncos-Raiders is a legendary AFC West rivalry. Things were really hot in the 1990s when head coach Mike Shanahan led the Broncos to two Super Bowl wins after being fired as coach of the Raiders.
  • Los Angeles Chargers: The Broncos-Chargers rivalry is the only one of the three in the AFC West that the Broncos lead. The rivalry includes one of the largest comebacks in Monday Night Football history, when Peyton Manning and the Broncos came back to win from being down 24–0 at halftime in San Diego.
  • Cleveland Browns. Outside of the division, the Broncos might consider the Browns their biggest rival. The Browns certainly hate the Broncos after they beat them in three AFC championship games in 1986, 1987, and 1989. This included “The Drive,” when Elway led a 98-yard last-minute drive to beat the Browns in 1986. And “The Fumble,” when Earnest Byner fumbled away a winning touchdown the very next year.

The five best Denver Broncos of all time

John Elway

John Elway played quarterback for the Broncos for 16 years. He took the team to the Super Bowl in 1986, 1987, and 1989, only to lose each time.

However, Elway redeemed himself, ending his career by winning back-to-back Super Bowls in 1997 and 1998. Elway was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility in 2004. He won Super Bowl MVP and NFL Most Valuable Player honors in his career and was a nine-time Pro Bowl selection.

At the time he retired, Elway had the most wins by a starting quarterback in NFL history. As if his playing career wasn’t enough, Elway has since become the team’s general manager and president of football operations, winning the Super Bowl again in 2015.

Shannon Sharpe

Shannon Sharpe played tight end for the Denver Broncos for 12 years. He ended his career playing two more seasons for the Baltimore Ravens. Sharpe was a part of back-to-back Super Bowl-winning Broncos teams in 1997 and 1998.

He ended his career as the NFL’s all-time leader in receptions, receiving yards and touchdowns by a tight end, and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2011.

Sharpe went on to work in TV as an analyst on CBS Sports NFL games. He is now co-host of “Skip and Shannon: Undisputed” on FOX Sports with Skip Bayless.

Terrell Davis

Terrell Davis only played running back for the Broncos from 1995 to 2001, but he made his mark on the franchise as a member of the back-to-back Super Bowl-winning Broncos teams in 1997 and 1998.

He was the Super Bowl XXXII MVP and was named the 1998 NFL Most Valuable Player after rushing for 2,008 yards that regular season. A sixth-round draft pick, Davis went on to become the team’s all-time leading rusher.

Davis was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2017.

Champ Bailey

Champ Bailey was a first-round draft pick of the Washington Redskins in 1999, but was traded to the Broncos in 2004 and played ten years in Denver.

He was a 12-time Pro Bowler and considered the premier shut-down cornerback in the league throughout his career. He became a first-ballot Pro Football Hall of Famer in 2019.

Steve Atwater

Steve Atwater played safety for the Broncos from 1989 to 1998. He finished his career playing one year for the New York Jets in 1989.

However, Atwater was part of the back-to-back Super Bowl-winning Broncos teams in 1997 and 1998. In his rookie year, he was also a part of the 1989 team that lost the Super Bowl for the third time in four years.

Atwater was known as one of the hardest-hitting safeties in the NFL. He was an eight-time Pro Bowler and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2020.

Is it legal to bet on the NFL in Colorado?

It is 100% legal to bet on the NFL at licensed Colorado sports betting operators. That means all licensed retail sportsbooks and licensed apps.

The US Supreme Court opened the door for individual states to legalize sports betting in May 2018. In November 2019, Colorado voters passed a ballot measure, making Colorado the 19th state to legalize sports gambling.

The Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission and the Colorado Division of Gaming oversee the regulation of the legalized sports betting market in Colorado.

The regulations to govern sports betting in Colorado cover all betting markets, including the NFL.

That means you can bet the moneyline, point spreads, and totals on every single NFL game. Plus, you can legally bet on multi-game NFL parlays and combine NFL games with other sports for multi-sport parlays.

Additionally, wagers on a variety of specific player and game props are available. Even in the offseason there are NFL futures that allow you to bet on your favorite team to win the Super Bowl.


Fourteen Denver Broncos players have been enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame including:

  • John Elway
  • Floyd Little
  • Shannon Sharpe
  • Gary Zimmerman
  • Willie Brown
  • Tony Dorsett
  • Jerry Rice
  • Terrell Davis
  • Brian Dawkins
  • Ty Law
  • Champ Bailey
  • Steve Atwater
  • John Lynch (2021)
  • Peyton Manning (2021)

Plus, former owner Pat Bowlen was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2019 as an administrator.

The Broncos continue to be a hot ticket in Denver. Home games are typically sold out, and there’s an active waiting list for season tickets. Prices on the resale market can vary based on demand, the opponent, and how the club is playing.

During the regular season, prices for single-games on the season ticket menu range from a low of $60.50 for the upper end zone to a high of $207.50 for field level prime seats. 

NFL futures betting is year-round betting on a team to win a certain number of games, a division title, its conference, or even the the Super Bowl.

NFL futures markets open up right after the Super Bowl. The different odds are adjusted as the season and playoffs continue and a team’s realistic chances of winning either increase, decrease, or disappear altogether.

The teams with the best regular-season records in each conference’s four divisions qualify for the playoffs. These teams are seeded one through four in each conference. Then, the three teams with the best records outside the division champs are added as wild card teams. These teams are seeded five, six and seven in each conference.

The playoffs start with the wild card round and the top seed in each conference sitting out. The second-seed hosts the seventh-seed, the third-seed hosts the sixth-seed, and the fourth-seed hosts the fifth in the wild card games.

The winners move on to the divisional playoffs. The top-seeded team faces the lowest-seeded team remaining.

Then, the winners move on to the AFC and NFC Conference Championship games held the very next weekend. Finally, two weeks later, the AFC and NFC Conference Champions play for the title in the Super Bowl.

The NFL will host the 2024 NFL Draft from April 25-27 in Detroit.