MLB Betting Odds in Colorado

Colorado Baseball Betting Sites

From moneylines to run lines, totals, futures, parlays and props, Colorado sportsbooks have a ton of MLB betting markets.

The sheer number of games throughout the MLB season dictates how much money is bet on baseball at legal sportsbooks across the US. The same holds true in CO, where the Colorado Rockies have been the Centennial State’s boys of summer for more than 25 years.

From sports betting apps to live MLB odds—and a snapshot of CO baseball’s rich history—here’s a look at MLB sports betting in Colorado.

Latest MLB lines at Colorado sportsbooks

From the start of spring training to the final game of the World Series, Colorado retail sportsbooks and sports betting apps have odds posted for every bit of MLB action. That’s thousands of MLB moneylines, run lines, totals, futures, parlays and props that you can bet on at Colorado sportsbooks throughout the season.  In the offseason, you can still bet futures on which team you think will win the World Series.

See the latest MLB odds at Colorado online sportsbooks below. The first tab shares futures including World Series odds, and the second has all of the upcoming game odds. Click on any odds to go directly to the online sportsbook, claim your bonus, and bet on MLB.

How do you read MLB betting lines?

Looking at the lines posted for a typical MLB game, you’ll see several numbers beside each team and the name of the starting pitcher. Plus, there will be one number in the middle.

That number in the middle represents the totals line, which is the total number of runs that oddsmakers figure the teams will combine to score.

Beside each team, you’ll also see the moneyline and run line odds. The moneyline odds are displayed as a negative number for the favorite in the game, indicating how much you’ll need to bet to win $100 plus your bet back. Or, it is displayed as a positive number for the underdog, indicating how much you’ll earn for every $100 you bet.

The run line is displayed as the same negative number for the favorite in the game and positive number for the underdog, indicating whether you need to add or subtract the run line from the team’s final score to determine a betting winner. 

This is followed by a negative or positive odds number in brackets, indicating the moneyline odds you will get betting on this run line.

How to bet on baseball

Each of MLB’s 30 teams plays 162 games every season, which gives you thousands of opportunities to bet on baseball games. There are three basic baseball bet types available for each game, including:

  • Moneylines
  • Run lines
  • Totals

Moneylines for baseball betting

Colorado sportsbooks post moneyline odds on each team in every game, depending on that team’s chances of winning.

With moneyline betting, you pick the team you think will win and book a bet at the posted odds. If your team wins, you get paid according to those odds.

For example, let’s say the New York Mets were at +100 visiting the Colorado Rockies at -114. That means a $100 bet on the Mets would pay $100 plus your wager back if they win. It also means you’d have to bet $114 on the Rockies to stand to win $100 plus your wager back if they win.

Run lines for baseball betting

Think of the MLB run line like the point spread. The run line must be factored into a game’s final score when determining a betting winner.

Particularly compared to football, baseball games are low-scoring. As a result, run lines are almost always set at 1.5. Although, you can find alternative run lines you can bet on at different odds. With a typical 1.5 run line, you can either bet that the favorite will win by at least two runs, or that the underdog will win the game outright or lose by only a single run.

Run line bets are booked at moneyline odds and, essentially, offer an alternative to the standard moneyline bet. For example, that Mets-Rockies game has the run line set at Rockies -1.5 (+185) and Mets +1.5 (-210). The Rockies are a slight moneyline favorite, but when the run line is factored in, the Mets suddenly become the favorite.

This is pretty typical of most MLB lines, which means run line betting can be a way for you to get a better price on a moneyline favorite. But, of course, that run line must be factored into the final score when determining the betting winner.

Totals (Over /Under)

Totals are the same in every sport. You bet on whether the final run tally in an MLB game will be “over” or “under” the total set by oddsmakers. Totals bets are booked at standard moneyline odds.

Advanced MLB betting

  • MLB parlays: An MLB parlay is one bet combining two or more basic MLB bets. Parlays pay better than individual wager because you’ll need to win every part of the parlay to win anything.
  • MLB futures: CO sportsbooks offer moneyline odds on who will win each MLB division, league, and ultimately the World Series. Plus, over/under bets on a team’s total wins throughout the season. The odds on futures are adjusted for each team as the season continues.
  • Live or in-play MLB betting: CO sportsbooks allow you to bet on MLB games after the game has started. Basic betting lines will adjust as the score and the action changes.
  • MLB doubles: These are a combination of two basic MLB bets.
  • Player props: These allow you to bet on MLB players achieving certain statistical milestones or different feats within a game. This type of wager may include things like which player will hit a home run or an over/under on how many strikeouts each starter will throw. You can also indulge in some player props over All Star Weekend, including live odds for the Home Run Derby and more.
  • Inning props: Inning props are basic lines on the first five innings of a game. It’s basically a bet on the game’s starting pitcher.
  • Game props: These involve alternatives to the basic lines and lines on team statistics.

MLB win totals 

CO sportsbooks take bets on how many wins each MLB team will accumulate through the season. Oddsmakers set an over/under on the total wins each team will ultimately accumulate at the beginning of the season. You can book these bets at moneyline odds and sportsbooks adjust the odds throughout the season.

These MLB win totals futures markets remain open until a team either passes the line or is mathematically eliminated from a chance at passing it.

Preseason, regular season and postseason

MLB features spring training, followed by a six-month regular season where each of the league’s 30 teams plays 162 games. Finally, there’s a 10-team postseason tournament featuring wild card games, best-of-five and best-of-seven game series culminating with the best-of-seven World Series to decide MLB’s annual World Series champion.

Spring training

MLB spring training features a camp for the teams with a number of practices, meetings, and exhibition games. All 30 teams hold the camps in either Arizona or Florida from mid-February until right before opening day. The regular season begins in the last week of March or the first week of April.

Most teams use spring training games to audition players for roster spots; also, it is a tune-up for veterans prior to the start of the regular season. As a result, the score of the game and who wins is almost secondary. CO sportsbooks will likely offer lines on the exhibition games, but these lines are less than accurate. When teams aren’t exactly playing to win and the best players spend a good chunk of time on the bench, it’s difficult to set accurate lines.

Regular season

Each of the league’s 30 teams plays 162 games, which are usually organized into three-game series. The schedule also features several two- and four-game series. Half of each teams’ games are played at home and the other half are on the road. MLB teams play around five games per week on average. Most of the games are at night.

MLB is split into the National League (NL) and American League (AL), with 15 teams in each. Each league is divided into three five-team divisions, including the East, Central, and West. Each team plays 19 games against each of its divisional opponents and one home series and one away series (six to seven games) against the 10 other teams in its league.

Additionally, each team plays two opponents in a three-game home series, two in a three-game away series and one split four-game series against a team from one of the divisions in the other league. This rotates each year. Each team also has an inter-league rival who it plays a split four-game series against every year.

Colorado sportsbooks set various betting lines on every regular-season game on the MLB schedule. Oddsmakers put a lot of stock in the starting pitching when setting odds.


MLB teams compete for one of six playoff spots in each league. Three division winners get in (seeds #1, #2, and #3), plus three more wild card teams from each league with the best records among non-division winners (seeds #4, #5, and #6). 

The playoffs begin with a Wild Card Series involving the three wild card teams plus the division winners with the worst record among the three (i.e., seeds #3 through #6). The teams play best-of-three series (#3 vs. #6 and #4 vs. #5) with every game taking place at the higher-seed’s park. The two teams that advance go on to play the American League Division Series and National League Division Series which are best-of-five series. The #1 seed plays the #4-#5 winner, and the #2 seed plays the #3-#6 winner.

Winners of the ALDS and NLDS then play each other in the American League Championship Series and National League Championship Series, respectively. The ALCS and NLCS are best-of-seven series. The winners advance to the World Series, another best-of-seven series, and play to determine the season’s MLB champion. In both the Division and League series, the higher-seeded team gets home field advantage (i.e., hosts three of five games, or four of seven games). In the World Series, the team with the best record gets home field advantage.

After the 162-game season, oddsmakers know the teams in the postseason quite well and set stunningly accurate lines. Once again, they put a lot of stock in the starting pitching when setting the odds. Once the postseason participants are set, CO sportsbooks will allow you to bet on each game, each series, who will win the American League, National League and World Series odds that adjust from game to game throughout the postseason.

How to watch or stream MLB games in Colorado

Major TV networks with affiliates in Colorado will televise a variety of baseball games from across the country. These networks include FOX, ESPN, TBS, and the league’s own MLB Network.

FOX Sports broadcast high-profile MLB games on its FOX Saturday Baseball show throughout the season. The channel also broadcasts all World Series games and alternates coverage of the American and National League championship series. ESPN airs games on opening day and high-profile MLB games on Sunday Night Baseball, Monday Night Baseball, Wednesday Night Baseball and Baseball Tonight throughout the season.

TBS airs Sunday afternoon games nationally throughout the season. TBS also owns the broadcast rights to any tiebreaker games, the division series round of the postseason and the other league championship series opposite of Fox. The MLB Network also airs live games throughout the season. Teams also host their own local broadcasts for all games not carried by Fox’s or ESPN’s baseball programs.

Colorado Rockies’ games are produced and televised locally by AT&T SportsNet Rocky MountainAll MLB games are also broadcast live on the internet.

TV and radio broadcasts are available with a subscription to through the MLB website, A radio-only broadcast subscription is also available through Gameday Audio.

The Colorado Rockies home games

The Colorado Rockies’ home is Denver. They compete in MLB’s National League West division and play home games at Coors Field in Denver’s lower downtown area.

The Rockies were an MLB expansion team that started playing in 1993. The team played its first two seasons at Mile High Stadium, breaking the MLB record for home attendance (4,483,350) in its first year there.

Thanks to Denver’s altitude and some hitter-friendly dimensions, Coors Field has a reputation as a hitter’s ballpark.

Check today’s Rockies odds right here.

The 2007 National League champion Rockies

The greatest season in Colorado Rockies’ history was in 2007 when the team won 14 of its last 15 games and entered the postseason as a wild card. The Rockies went on to win the National League pennant. However, they were swept out of the 2007 World Series by the Boston Red Sox.

The 2007 Rockies were led by first baseman Todd Helton, who played his entire 17-year career for Colorado. The five-time All-Star’s No. 17 was retired by the team in 2014. Meanwhile, Larry Walker was inducted into the Baseball Hall Of Fame in 2020, becoming the first Colorado Rockies player to do so, and his No. 33 jersey was subsequently retired.

Coors Field

  • Address: 2001 Blake St., Denver, CO 80205 
  • Phone: 1-303-292-0200
  • Capacity: 50,398

Top 5 Colorado Rockies’ players of all-time

  1. Todd Helton: A first baseman who played his entire 17-year career for Colorado, Helton was a key player on the 2007 NL pennant-winning Rockies team. He was a five-time All-Star and the MLB batting champion and RBI leader in 2000.
  2. Larry Walker: Walker played 17 MLB seasons, including 10 with the Colorado Rockies from 1995 to 2004. He was a five-time All-Star, three-time MLB batting champion and the 1997 NL MVP. Walker became the first Colorado Rockies player in the Baseball Hall of Fame when he was inducted in 2020.
  3. Troy Tulowitzki: The Rockies picked up Tulowitzki in the 2005 MLB draft, and he finished second in Rookie of the Year voting just a couple of years later. He spent a decade in the Rockies infield batting .299 with 188 home runs and 657 RBIs during that time. He represented the Rockies as an All-Star five times before being traded to the Toronto Blue Jays in 2015.
  4. Matt Holliday: Holliday played five seasons with the Colorado Rockies, from 2004-08, then came back and finished his MLB career with the team in 2018. Holliday finished as runner-up in MVP voting in 2007, the year he helped the Rockies reach the World Series for the first time. Holliday hit .340 with 36 home runs and 137 RBIs that year. He represented the Rockies as an All-Star three times before being traded to the Oakland Athletics in 2008.
  5. Vinny Castilla: Castilla was the Rockies’ first star, joining the team out of the expansion draft for the inaugural 1993 season. He represented the Rockies as an All-Star twice and hit 40-plus home runs in three straight years, from 1996-98. Castilla was traded to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in 1999 but returned to Colorado collecting 35-home runs and 131 RBIs in 2004 at age 36.

MLB betting tips

The best MLB betting strategies are information-based. That means research is required if you’re going to bet on MLB games in Colorado successfully.  Consume all the information you can about baseball and use it to make informed educated picks.

Identify trends and take advantage

Watch the weather forecast. Balls fly out of the park, like Coors Field on a hot day, but humidity can keep a ball inside the fence. Wind direction can have a significant impact on home run totals, too. Take advantage of this knowledge when betting.

Understand just how much of an impact starting pitchers have on games. There’s a reason why starters are listed under the name of each team on the odds board. Sportsbooks are basing the odds on pitchers first, so pay attention and react accordingly.

Hitting is a streaky thing and it’s contagious, which means teams often sit on the verge of an offensive explosion. Pay attention to the stats, and you can identify such teams.

Manage your money

Finally, you’re going to want to manage the bankroll you use to bet on baseball properly. That means you should avoid blowing that bankroll on an early-season sure thing because there’s no such thing.

Manage your betting bankroll throughout the season by betting similar amounts on every game and try to earn a profit slowly. 

Most importantly, make sure you can ride out losses and still have cash around to aggressively bet when you’re on a winning streak.

Line shopping

When it comes to MLB betting, it’s always a good idea to price out the lines. That means looking at the line for a bet you’re interested in at every licensed Colorado sportsbook you can. A line is a price you get on a bet and if you can shop around for a better one, you’re saving money.

MLB betting mistakes to avoid

Finally, here are three things you’ll want to avoid while betting on baseball:

  • Chase losses: Don’t try to recover your losses with bigger bets; that’s just a fast way to go broke. Manage your bankroll by betting the same amount for most or all of your MLB bets.
  • Bet with your heart: Diehard Colorado Rockies fans shouldn’t ignore the reality of statistics, throw caution to the wind and bet on the team only because they love them. Too many fans make the mistake of betting with their hearts instead of their heads. Use information, stats and data to pick winners.
  • Betting and booze: In moderation, sports betting and alcohol can be fun. Add too much of one or the other, and you’re heading for trouble.

Is it legal to bet on baseball in Colorado?

It is 100% legal to bet on Major League Baseball games at licensed Colorado sportsbooks. All licensed retail sportsbooks and apps will have MLB lines available.

In May 2018, the US Supreme Court opened the door for states to legalize sports betting. Colorado became the 19th state to legalize sports betting. Colorado voters passed a ballot measure in November 2019. The Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission and the Colorado Division of Gaming regulate the legalized sports betting market in the state.

If you are a resident or visiting the Centennial State, you will be able to place legal bets from anywhere in Colorado with internet access. CO regulations permit single-game MLB wagering. That means you’ll be able to bet on moneylinesrun lines and totals on every MLB game. 

Plus, you can bet on multi-game MLB parlays and player and game props. You won’t miss out on MLB futures bets, so you can wager on your favorite team to win the World Series.

MLB Betting FAQ

The cutoff time, or deadline, for placing bets on MLB games is before the first pitch is thrown. That means you can throw the posted game start time out the window and just pay attention to when the teams actually get going. Remember, CO sports betting apps that offer live or in-play wagering will also take bets during MLB games at odds that are adjusted throughout.

CO sportsbooks offer odds on who will win each MLB division, league, and the World Series. Plus, they take over/under bets on every team’s total wins throughout the season. This is what’s known as MLB futures betting. The odds on most MLB futures are available all year long and adjusted as the season continues.

CO sportsbooks give you the option of making a moneyline bet on an MLB game as “listed” or “action.” The “action” pitcher option means your bet is still valid even if either of the listed starting pitchers is a late scratch.

CO sportsbooks give you the option of making a moneyline bet on an MLB game as “listed” or “action.” The “listed” pitcher option voids your bet if either of the listed starting pitchers don’t start the game.

F5 is a baseball betting term that refers to the first five innings of a game. An F5 bet takes only the first five innings of a game into consideration. For the most part, these are bets on the starting pitcher, who is expected to go five innings at the very least.