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PlayColorado is your local resource for information about all legal Colorado gambling and sports betting. Below, you can find out who we are, why we do what we do, and most importantly, how you can reach out to us with any of your questions.

The PlayColorado mission

The goal of our site is to provide Coloradans with a combination of unbiased news coverage, educational resources, and information about the top sportsbooks and bonus offers legally available in the Centennial State. We aim to provide you with the information you need to make you a safer and smarter gambler.

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The people behind PlayColorado

All of the content that you see on PlayColorado is written, edited, and reviewed to the highest professional standards. We do not accept guest submissions or publish user-generated content on the site. Every word is the product of hours of research and the years of experience each of our team members brings to the table. In other words, every bit of information you read on PlayColorado comes from highly skilled professionals who write about gambling for a living. Here are the people who create the high-quality work you see on PlayColordo:

Ian St. Clair

Analyst: Ian St. Clair

Ian is an award-winning sports journalist and a University of Northern Colorado graduate. He’s a Colorado native and has over a decade of experience covering college and professional athletics. He broke into the gambling industry right as Colorado launched legal sports betting in 2020. Ian now manages the sites for some of the biggest gambling markets in North America and is an analyst for PlayColorado.

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Ken Pomponio

Analyst: Ken Pomponio

Ken is a fourth-generation Coloradan and career sports journalist with more than 30 years covering the gamut from the preps to the pros. He also is a longtime sports-betting enthusiast eager to assist in the understanding of this burgeoning U.S. industry.

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PlayColorado contributor: Dave Bontempo

Dave is PlayColorado’s resident horse racing and combat sports wagering expert whose work can be found regularly around major races and bouts. He is a multiple national award-winning boxing commentator and writer and also authors NFL betting columns for the Press of Atlantic City and IGaming Player, among others.

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PlayColorado contributor: T.J. McBride

T.J. McBride is a Denver-based NBA and Denver Nuggets reporter who brings his in-depth professional basketball expertise to PlayColorado via his weekly Betting Nuggets columns. He is a Southern California native with nearly eight years of experience covering the NBA.

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PlayColorado contributor: Derek Helling

Derek Helling is a lead writer for PlayUSA and the manager of BetHer. He is a 2013 graduate of the University of Iowa and covers the intersections of sports with business and the law.

PlayColorado lead analyst: Dustin Gouker

Dustin has been a sports journalist for more than 15 years, working as a reporter, editor, and designer — including stops at The Washington Post and the D.C. Examiner. He also co-hosts the Legal Sports Report podcast.

Who we are

PlayColorado is part of the Catena Media network. Catena Media owns and operates dozens of sites across the US, all of which cover the legal gambling industry in every state in the country. Every gambling site that we discuss is a legal and regulated entity in its respective state. In other words, we at PlayColorado will never name nor review any gambling outlet that is anything short of a fully licensed company in the State of Colorado.

Catena Media is a licensed and registered vendor in Colorado.

#94433550, Active as of May 22, 2020

According to state law, a Vendor Major License is required for any person and/or entity who acts on behalf of an establishment licensed to operate sports betting and also provides products, services, information, or assets to an establishment licensed to operate sports betting gaming and/or receives, therefore, a percentage of gaming revenue from the establishment’s sports betting gaming system.

PlayColorado is an affiliate news site. While you may find advertisements for legal CO gambling sites, the companies behind the ads do not have a say in our editorial content. Each of these advertisements is the result of our affiliate partnerships with these companies. We do not accept paid advertising offers of any kind.

How we work

We understand that there are many different choices when it comes to information on the internet; especially now in Colorado with legal online sports betting. Not everything you read is trustworthy. So, we go through several different steps and procedures to ensure that you can trust what you read on PlayColorado.

First of all, we get our information from as close to the source as we can. If we discuss the law, we cite the text of the law as published by the state government. If we discuss bills in the State Legislature, we speak to their authors. Any statistics you see are usually drawn directly from the Division of Gaming reports. PlayColorado does not report on gossip or secondhand information — period.

We also subject every published word to a rigorous review process. By the time you read something on PlayColorado, several different pairs of eyes have gone over the material for both accuracy and grammatical correctness. In addition, PlayColorado’s managing editor, Ken Pomponio, goes over almost every single thing published — sometimes more than once — and his years of experience are always helpful for spotting things that may have been otherwise missed. On top of that, content manager Dann Stupp follows the same path as a way to ensure accuracy and correctness.

You can read more about how we assemble our stories in our editorial guidelines.

Work with us

Catena Media is growing by leaps and bounds! If you would like to be a part of an organization dedicated to covering all aspects of the legal gambling industry in the US, be it in Colorado or elsewhere, we’d love to hear from you. We are always looking for writers and journalists who have a passion for gaming and want to dive into this growing business. Visit the careers section of the Catena Media website to see what roles we’re trying to fill, or email us and let us know how we can help each other out.