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PlayColorado is committed to providing factual and timely news about the Colorado gambling and sports betting industry. Our writers not only possess extensive knowledge about gambling-related issues in Colorado and elsewhere, but are also trained and experienced writers whose reporting follows journalistic standards of ethics and accuracy.

Here is an overview of the procedures we have adopted to make certain everything that appears on PlayColorado consistently conforms to the site’s high standards for quality reporting.

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Why you can trust us

PlayColorado is committed to impartiality and accuracy in its reporting. That includes representing the current legal landscape for Colorado gambling truthfully. We do not editorialize about current CO gambling laws or ongoing debates over new legislation. Instead, we strive to remain objective and unbiased when reporting on such developments.

While we do not express our opinions about the many issues surrounding legal Colorado gambling, we do encourage our readers to always abide by all gambling laws in the state. We strongly recommend against engaging in any form of illegal gambling. We focus our coverage on legal and regulated casinos, sportsbooks, and racetracks in Colorado, and spend considerable effort explaining both existing and new regulations governing legal gambling in the state.

Furthermore, PlayColorado is owned by Catena Media and as such, the site must abide by the regulations set forth in Colorado by the state’s Division of Gaming. Thus when it comes to online gambling, we only provide information regarding legal and regulated sites. We do not endorse or support any offshore gambling sites.

Our writers and analysts

Contributors to PlayColorado come from a variety of backgrounds, although all have expertise in gambling and journalism. They have extensive journalistic backgrounds covering gambling news and sports for both national and local outlets, including The Athletic, ESPN, FiveThirtyEight, The Denver Post, Boulder Daily Camera, Fort Collins Coloradoan, and elsewhere.

Many who form the editorial team at PlayColorado are themselves avid sports fans and bettors, whose knowledge of the industry includes first-hand experience.

You can meet the members of our team here.

How we write what we write

Everything published at PlayColorado follows a strict and thorough editorial procedure before appearing on the site. Each item is checked for factual accuracy and copy edited for grammar and surface-level correctness.

The site’s managing editor, Ken Pomponio, additionally reviews all content published at PlayColorado. Ken is a veteran reporter with extensive experience covering high school, collegiate, and professional sports in Colorado and Wyoming before taking on his role at PlayColorado. Ken’s writing and editing experience enable him to spot errors our copy editors might have missed and to suggest other corrections and improvements. His knowledge of the industry additionally helps him guide the selection of topics our writers’ tackle.

It is PlayColorado policy always to credit original sources used in our reporting. Our staff produces all of the reporting on the site and we do not accept submissions or user-generated content.

Accuracy and quality

While most of the articles appearing at PlayColorado have a single byline, our editorial process ensures many eyes have seen and reviewed each item prior to its appearance on the site.

Our team of writers, editors, experts, content managers, and search engine professionals carefully read through every article published at PlayColorado. Such a process enables us to state with confidence that any fact cited has been subject to rigorous review in order to verify its accuracy.

The gambling industry is constantly changing, which means informational content published at PlayColorado sometimes requires later review and revision. Pages detailing the current status of Colorado sports betting, online gambling, the lottery, retail casinos, and other aspects of the industry are updated frequently in order to keep the information current and accurate.

We know readers consider PlayColorado a valuable resource not just for the latest Colorado gambling news but also for answers to questions about the current status of legal and online CO gambling options. Thus we strive at all times to provide accurate, factually correct information upon which our readers can rely.

When we make a mistake

While our editorial process and adherence to the above-stated guidelines make us confident that our reporting is accurate and precise, we know mistakes do sometimes happen.

If you notice an apparent error or inaccuracy in our reporting, please let us know so we can review and make a correction, if needed.

We appreciate your interest in advertising on PlayColorado. However, we do not accept advertising contract offers from external sources, nor do we offer ad contracts.

As part of Catena Media, PlayColorado is a licensed affiliate site. Revenue from advertising and the fees we collect enables us to provide quality, up-to-date reporting on the Colorado gambling industry. Details of our licensing agreements can be found here.

Our partnerships do not impact our reporting on PlayColorado. Affiliate deals do not influence editorial decisions regarding what we report, how we report it, or what we choose not to report on the site.

Questions or suggestions? Let us know

We want to hear from you regarding your experience with PlayColorado. If you encounter reporting on the Colorado gambling industry that does not conform to your understanding or experience, please let us know. We also want to know if you’ve enjoyed or found informative/useful anything you’ve read on the site. Both instances help guide us in maintaining the quality, integrity, and accuracy of the site as a whole.

Share your feedback and any suggestions you have for us via email at [email protected].