Ameristar Black Hawk Opens First Colorado Baccarat Parlor

Written By Cole Rush on 08/23/2023
Baccarat Parlor Colorado

A new experience has opened in Ameristar Black Hawk. The Baccarat Parlor provides five dedicated baccarat tables and JINYA Ramen Bar, a contemporary Japanese dining concept.

The parlor and ramen bar are located on the casino’s first floor, near the existing table games and the escalators.

It’s the first casino in Colorado to join dining with baccarat in Colorado. The Grand Opening is Wednesday, Aug. 23.

New parlor designed to be a unique experience

Online gambling in Colorado includes only sports betting and the Colorado Lottery. CO online casinos are prohibited, so players have to visit casinos in one of the three towns where gambling is legal to play baccarat.

Sean Demeule, general manager of Ameristar Black Hawk, said the parlor concept is popular overseas.

“We aren’t the first casino in Colorado to offer baccarat, but we are the first casino to offer a joint concept that gives customers the ability to enjoy a game of baccarat while dining at the same time, similar to what you might see in some baccarat rooms in Las Vegas and definitely in Asia.”

After Amendment 77 passed in 2020, casinos in Central City, Black Hawk, and Cripple Creek were allowed to increase betting limits at casinos. The amendment’s passage also opened up new opportunities for games to launch in Colorado, including baccarat.

The five baccarat tables offer high-limit betting along with side bets including Golden Frog Baccarat and Tiger Bac.

Ameristar Black Hawk is taking things a step further than simply offering baccarat. The casino is making baccarat a full experience, a destination within the casino for players who love the game, Demeule said.

“We take pride in listening to what our customers want to see on property. The new JINYA Ramen Bar and Baccarat Parlor reflect that.”

Guests can enjoy traditional ramen

JINYA Ramen Bar offers ramen bowls complete with handmade noodles in a thick, rich broth. Guests can choose from an array of authentic toppings including tender pork chashu, shrimp wonton, fresh garlic, and a poached egg. The broths are simmered for 20- hours in-house, Demeule said.

“JINYA Ramen Bar is committed to excellence and tradition, making it a perfect addition to Ameristar Resort Casino & Spa. JINYA brings a delicious new cuisine for our guests, and we’re excited to offer them high-quality Japanese ramen and small plates, along with fantastic cocktails and seasonal specials.”

The parlor will serve guests Monday thru Thursday 11 a.m. to 4 a.m. and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 11 a.m. to 6 a.m.

Baccarat is easier to play than you think

Baccarat may look intimidating to those who have never played, but it is actually one of the easiest casino games to learn. In standard baccarat, only three bets are allowed: player, banker, or tie.

Only two hands are dealt in a game of baccarat: one for the player and one for the dealer. Baccarat players can bet on any of the three options above, and whichever side wins determines the outcome.

Each hand begins with two cards face-up. The goal is for a hand to total 9, or as close to it as possible. Cards with higher values than 9 are worth only what the second digit indicates. For example, 10s, jacks, queens, and kings are worth zero points. Aces are worth one. Additionally, the total value of a hand only counts the second digit. Say the player’s hand is an 8 and a 6; that hand is worth 4 points.

If either the player or banker side gets an 8 or 9 with the first two cards, that is considered a “natural win” and the game ends. If neither side has a total of 8 or 9, play continues, with the player and banker drawing new cards according to specific rules.

The best part about baccarat? All players need to do is place bets and wait for the hand to play out. The dealer will handle everything else.

Conventional wisdom recommends betting on the banker because the house edge means it’s more likely to win. However, most casinos take a 5% commission on banker bets. Baccarat players also recommend avoiding the tie bet; it occurs too infrequently to make it worthwhile.

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