Bet365, SIS TV Give Colorado Bettors The Esports Experience

Written By Darren Cooper on 01/24/2023 - Last Updated on June 15, 2023
Colorado sports betting expands with esports on Bet365

Bet365 and SIS TV have partnered to bring esports gaming to the Colorado sports betting menu. This deal opens the door for Colorado sports bettors to place bets on esports basketball events.

Michele Fischer, the vice president of SIS Content Services, said on their website:

“We are thrilled to be able to launch our esports offering in Colorado. As basketball has been the most popular sport on Colorado sportsbooks, we are confident that bettors will react positively to our esports basketball content. This deal is further evident of the footprint SIS is making in what will continue to be a rapidly growing and key market for the company.”

Bet365 is available in three US states (Colorado, New Jersey and Ohio) and is open for players over the age of 21. SIS (Sports Information Services) has a similar deal for esports betting and events in New Jersey.

NBA 2K game available on Bet365 Colorado

The number of esports players around the globe continues to grow, with analysts saying the global market includes over 200 million ‘enthusiasts.’ Top players come from all over the world and play popular video games like:

  • League of Legends (a 5-on-5 battle game)
  • FIFA (soccer)
  • Or, in this case, with SIS and Bet365 NBA 2K (basketball)

SIS provides a stable conduit for the players to compete against one another and promises very little latency in its live stream. Any bit of latency in an esports contest can ruin the validity of the outcome.

It also provides an “integrity referee” to ensure the events are fair. Richard Ames, the CEO of SIS and president of SIS content services, said:

“We are pleased to see our esports content go live in a second US state following the successful launch in New Jersey. Having a second US launch so soon after the first is a testament to the rapid progress we are making in the North American market and showcases our ability to provide bettors with engaging content as well as further enhancing our relationship with our valued long-term partner Bet365.”

How does esports work in Colorado sports betting?

Since I live in a Bet365 state, I logged on bet365 Colorado and looked at how to access the esports channel. You can find the esports section down the left-side rail of the website or app.

Click on esports, and you’re sent to a drop-down listing of multiple events you can bet on and watch live. There was a League of Legends European Championship match underway when I logged on.

The odds are balanced, and, about the basketball bet, Colorado sports bettors have the opportunity to bet on:

  • Lines
  • Main props
  • Halftime props
  • Game props

Esports players are connected to the GG Leagues National sports series. Games are four quarters of five minutes each for basketball.

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