DraftKings Delivers Livestreaming To CO Bettors

Written By Ian St. Clair on 06/08/2020
DraftKings Livestream

Colorado sports bettors have a new live sports betting toy.

DraftKings announced last week that it is offering livestreaming sports on its app.

In collaboration with Sportradar, DraftKings Sportsbook “will provide customers with a seamless entertainment experience in one convenient location.”

With the new feature, Colorado sports bettors will be able to livestream several sporting events. Some of the sports included, as mentioned in the press release, are Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) and Bundesliga soccer (Division 1).

The release added that DraftKings would explore other opportunities as major US sports start to return.

Ezra Kucharz, the chief business officer at DraftKings, said:

“We are excited to further enhance our product offerings to include a convenient, state-of-the-art experience through live entertainment. At this difficult time for sports fans across the nation, we have extended our partnership with Sportradar to bring customers the best in-app experience from the safety and comfort of their homes, and closer to the games and players they love.”


The hope is that livestreaming catches on in Colorado and the US as it has in Europe.

Multiple betting apps in Colorado do offer livestreaming. In fact, when bet365 announced its partnership with Century Casinos in May, it brought along livestreaming functionality.

“We are delighted to expand our partnership with DraftKings to include livestreaming in their mobile app,” Neale Deeley, the vice president of US sales and gaming at Sportradar, said in the release. “We share DraftKings’ vision to deliver the best possible betting entertainment experience to US bettors. And we look forward to continuing to innovate together.”

What is live betting?

Since major US sports remain on hiatus because of the COVID-19 pandemic, sports bettors in Colorado haven’t had the chance to experience live betting.

By all accounts, it’s incredibly popular with NFL fans. And that could be especially true for the 2020 Denver Broncos. Now that Drew Lock has some new toys on offense, fans actually want to bet on the team now.

Similar to betting on games before they happen, you have moneyline, point spreads, and proposition (prop) bets. Examples of prop bets are how many yards/touchdowns a quarterback will throw for, and who will win the period/quarter.

When it comes to live betting, you bet as the game is happening. At the end of each half, inning, period, or quarter, the sportsbooks release new moneyline, point spreads, and props. And, after any scheduled break, not including commercials, you’ll see those options change from the sportsbooks.

Unlike regular betting odds that don’t fluctuate, in-play odds come and go quickly.

This is where intimate knowledge of your favorite team or league can play a huge benefit. Or if you just have a gut feeling and you want to test your luck, you watch the game and a trend starts to develop or a player is hot, you can test that hunch and place a live bet. Live betting is an exciting way to not only bet on sports but to watch them.

Live betting the Nuggets

Let’s say Jamal Murray or Nikola Jokic morph into a player from NBA Jam, and they are on fire. You could live bet that Denver Nuggets action and cash in, too.

As for the Nuggets odds, they remain a long shot to win the Western Conference and NBA Finals.

NBA Finals odds

Los Angeles Lakers: +250Milwaukee Bucks: +240
Milwaukee Bucks: +250Los Angeles Lakers: +260
Los Angeles Clippers: +333Los Angeles Clippers: +340
Houston Rockets: +1300Houston Rockets: +1300
Boston Celtics: +2000Boston Celtics: +2000
Toronto Raptors: +2200Toronto Raptors: +2400
Philadelphia 76ers: +2800Denver Nuggets: +2500
Denver Nuggets: +3000Miami Heat: +2700

NBA Western Conference odds

Los Angeles Lakers: +160Los Angles Lakers: +160
Los Angeles Clippers: +180Los Angeles Clippers: +190
Houston Rockets: +700Houston Rockets: +700
Denver Nuggets: +1200Denver Nuggets: +1000
Utah Jazz: +1400Utah Jazz: +1300

Live betting the Avs

Nathan MacKinnon is a safe bet to net close to a point per game for the Colorado Avalanche. Now that the Avalanche should return healthy, Colorado’s forward could be a fun live bet.

As for the Avs odds, they remain a heavy favorite in the Western Conference and to win the Stanley Cup. The NHL’s return-to-play plan continues to take shape and teams are closer to hitting the ice.

Stanley Cup Final odds

Boston Bruins: +650Boston Bruins: +600
Tampa Bay Lightning: +650-Tampa Bay Lightning: +600
Colorado Avalanche: +750Colorado Avalanche: +800
Las Vegas Golden Knights: +800Philadelphia Flyers: +850
Washington Capitals: +900Las Vegas Golden Knights: +850
Philadelphia Flyers: +1000Washington Capitals: +900
St. Louis Blues: +1000St. Louis Blues: +1100
Dallas Stars: +1400Dallas Stars: +1500

NHL Western Conference odds

Las Vegas Golden Knights: +300Colorado Avalanche: +325
Colorado Avalanche: +350Las Vegas Golden Knights: +350
St. Louis Blues: +400St. Louis Blues: +450
Dallas Stars: +600Dallas Stars: +650
Edmonton Oilers: +1100Edmonton Oilers: +1000
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