Atlanta Hawks Keep Bettor’s Hope Alive For Nothing But Net Big Bets

Written By Ian St. Clair on 06/21/2021
Atlanta Hawks bettor doubles down

A Colorado NBA bettor placing two major wagers isn’t that out of the ordinary.

It seems every day there is a ridiculous amount of money placed on a sporting event. In some instances, it’s not the best use of money, but it’s their choice and their money.

But when that NBA bettor in Colorado places those two big bets on the Atlanta Hawks, that’s weird. That’s really weird. And then they double down on those bets with two more?
That just adds to the weirdness quotient.

When you think of transplants and the teams they root for in this state, Atlanta is not one of them. So the fact there is a Hawks fan here, let alone one who placed these major wagers on them, is akin to seeing bigfoot riding a unicorn.

As a reminder, the bettor placed the two big bets at DraftKings sportsbook in Colorado in early May. Here are the two wagers:

  • $20,000 on the Hawks to win the Eastern Conference at +4,000. The wager would win the bettor $820,000.
  • Another $20,000 on the Hawks to win the NBA Championship at +10,000. The wager would win the bettor an additional $2 million.

Hawks bettor doubles down on major wagers

And then according to the sportsbook, on June 10 that same bettor decided to double down on their wagers.

  • An additional $10,000 on the Hawks to win the East at +2,500.
  • An additional $10,000 on the Hawks to win the NBA Championship at +6,000.

In all, the bets would win over $3 million.

Don’t look now, but hope is still alive for those bets to cash out.

The Hawks dispatched of the favorite Philadelphia 76ers in seven games. Atlanta now moves on to face the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference Finals. Similar to the Hawks, Milwaukee eliminated the favorite Brooklyn Nets on the road in Game 7.

At least at DraftKings, Atlanta opens as a big underdog for the series (+350) and for Game 1 (+7.5). The series starts on Wednesday in Milwaukee.

Atlanta keeps hope alive for big bets

The fact that the Hawks are even in this position is a pretty remarkable feat.

To win a Game 7 on the road, in Philadelphia, shows the team is confident and has guts. In order to defeat the Bucks, Atlanta will need that in spades. Or diamonds. Either way, you get the point. It doesn’t get any easier for the Hawks.

With the way they’re playing and the scoring depth they’re getting, they have a great shot to pull off another upset. When Trae Young isn’t your leading scorer in a Game 7, that speaks to that.

In terms of the “link” to Colorado sports betting, old Denver Nuggets friend Danilo Gallinari is making his presence known. Coming off of the bench in Game 7, Galo had 17 points in 30 minutes of action.

At the very least, we’re in for an exciting and fun series. For multiple reasons.

At least you don’t have $3 million on the line.

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