Slots And Blackjack Remain Favorites At Colorado Casinos In November

Written By Adam Hensley on 01/05/2023 - Last Updated on August 30, 2023
Casinos in Colorado earn nearly $82 million for November 2022

The latest casino gambling figures are in from the Colorado Division of Gaming. Slot machines were a favorite, but so were blackjack and baccarat. Total Adjusted Gross Proceeds (AGP) across all casino games in November totaled $81,724,409.12.

The AGP is the total amount gambled by players less all payments to players. Here’s an in-depth look at November’s report for Colorado casino gaming.

Slots remained most popular in Colorado

During November, Coloradoans played $901,142,753.38 worth of slots. That mark resulted in $69,229,871.90 in adjusted gross profit for the month.

Out of the three Colorado towns with legalized casino gambling, slots were most popular – by far – in Black Hawk. There, customers gambled nearly $671 million through slots, resulting in $52.2 million in adjusted gross profit.

Cripple Creek followed behind at $151.4 million in bets and $10.98 million in adjusted gross profit. Central City slot machines totaled $78.8 million in bets and $5.98 million in adjusted gross profit.

Statewide, one-cent slots were the most popular, resulting in $319.4 million in bets and $30.96 million in adjusted gross profit. The next-most popular was $1 slots, with tallied $137.9 million in bets during November.

25-cent slots totaled $18.9 million in bets across the state. Coloradoans gambled $15.5 million on $5 slots, $14.3 million on 5-cent slots, $10.8 million on high denomination slots and $5.3 million on 10-cent slots.

A look at how other Colorado casino games produced in November

Out of all the table games offered in Colorado, blackjack proved to be the most popular. Coloradoans gambled $17.78 million on blackjack that month.

Black Hawk casinos accounted for roughly $15.4 million of that total. Adjusted gross profit from blackjack tables came out to $4.16 million.

Colorado’s baccarat tables remained a customer favorite as well with players gambling $15.74 million in November. Almost all of that total came from Black Hawk’s casinos ($15.7 million in bets).

Baccarat’s adjusted gross profit in Colorado totaled $2.47 million for the month, too.

Additionally, craps tables resulted in $8.18 million in bets and $1.78 million in adjusted gross profit during November. HB Poker ($6.83 million gambled), roulette tables ($5.38 million) and PB poker ($1.05 million) all surpassed $1 million in bets for the month.

Colorado’s casino gaming taxes surpass $13 million in November

Colorado generated roughly $13.5 million in casino gaming taxes during November. The bulk of those taxes came from Black Hawk, which totaled close to $11.46 million.

Cripple Creek gaming taxes came out to roughly $1.24 million, while Central City totaled $719,0178.38.

A snapshot of Colorado gambling

Per state law, Black Hawk, Central City and Cripple Creek are the only towns with legalized casino gambling. There are 33 casinos statewide.

15 reside in Black Hawk, 12 are in Cripple Creek and six call Central City home. Those 33 casinos include 257 table games across the state. Colorado offers:

  • 102 blackjack tables
  • 55 PB poker tables
  • 26 HB poker tables
  • 17 craps tables
  • 21 roulette tables
  • 26 baccarat tables

In the third quarter of the current fiscal year, Colorado ranks 14th nationally when it comes to gambling revenue. The Centennial State accounted for $389.7 million in revenue – one of 16 states to set a record for third-quarter revenue.

Colorado’s FY23 numbers are also on track to surpass FY22’s revenue total. When it came to land-based casino slot machines and table games, Colorado had the eighth-highest revenue increase, according to the AGA’s Commercial Gaming Revenue Tracker.

Does Colorado offer online casino gambling?

As of now, Colorado has no legal online casino gambling services. The state may change its mind, but as of now, Coloradoans’ only options are sweepstakes plays and social casino sites like Sweeptastic.

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