Colorado Distributes Nearly $1M To Address Problem Gambling

Written By T.J. McBride on 05/26/2023
Colorado has awarded nearly $1M to combat problem gambling

Colorado recently distributed nearly $1 million to fund projects aimed at addressing problem gambling in the state.

It’s the second disbursement since the Responsible Gaming Grant Program was enacted. The money is given as grants to organizations or projects to promote responsible gambling in Colorado.

This year’s disbursement from the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission will go to two entities, the Colorado Division of Gaming and the Kindbridge Research Institute.

Grants will fund 3 projects in the state

At its April meeting, the gaming commission approved the two grant recipients. It awarded a total of $908,089. The money will fund three projects.

The Colorado Division of Gaming will use the money to continue its marketing campaign on responsible gambling, Play Legal, Play Responsible, Play Safe. It promotes the resources available to problem gamblers and also encourages safe and responsible gaming.

The Kindbridge Research Institute will oversee the other two projects.

The first project is called the Colorado Athlete Wellbeing Program. Kindbridge is creating the program to counteract online harassment athletes receive as a byproduct of sports betting.

This program will feature educational resources and also a Colorado Athlete Wellbeing app. The app will include a mental health assessment. Together they make up what Kindbridge calls the “Pathway to Treatment.”

Kindbridge’s second project is Colorado Military Problem Gaming Research, Education, and Recovery Program. It will create an awareness program and also a Colorado Military Research Fellowship.

Commission awarded more than $1.5M last year

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, via House Bill 22-1402, signed the Responsible Gaming Grant Program into law in 2022. Its intention is to continually combat problem gambling and promote responsible gambling. The program sunsets in 2032, but it could be extended under a review process.

The first round of money awarded from the grant was just over $1.5 million. It went toward certificate programs and gambling counselor training. It also funded research to better understand the scope of problem gambling in Colorado.

Additionally, some of the funds went to a collegiate awareness program, a social media marketing campaign, and the establishment of a problem gambling center.

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