Colorado Lottery Hits The Sales Jackpot For Fiscal Year 2022

Written By Marian Rosin on 09/16/2022
Record revenue recorded for Colorado Lottery in FY 2022

When you think of the Colorado Lottery, you likely think of numbers. Well, the Lottery saw a record number in sales for Fiscal Year 2022$826.9 million.

That means this fiscal year was a great one for Lottery beneficiaries, as well. Beneficiaries will receive distributions totaling $180.3 million.

This makes the sixth consecutive year Lottery revenue has risen, aside from a slight pandemic dip in 2020, according to Tom Seaver, Colorado Lottery director.

“It’s a testament to our efforts to give players what they want in terms of games, promotions, and access, all while operating responsibly,” he said, according to Daily Lottery.

Scratch fever

Different lottery games contributed to this year’s overall revenue boon:

Scratch Games: $590.3 million. That’s two and a half times the revenue from all the combined jackpot games.

It’s also a 3% increase from Fiscal Year 2021 and a continuation of the past five years’ growth. The winner in terms of adding to this year’s lottery revenue.

Lotto+: Mega Millions’ 2022 revenue rose 38.6% to $66.4 million from the previous year’s $47.9 million.

And January’s biggest jackpot in Colorado’s Lotto+ history —$25 million — can take a bow for that increase. What KDRO called “a growing love for Lotto+” helped, too.

Powerball: 20% increase. Again, that’s because of huge “jackpot runs”. Two this time, climbing to over $600 million, according to GOCO News.

Adding a third weekly Powerball draw, beginning in August of 2021, also helped.

Lucky for Life: Sales increase, thanks to the switch to daily drawings.

According to Great Outdoors Colorado, Mark Ferrandino, executive director of the Department of Revenue said:

“The Lottery’s sales revenue, while simultaneously increasing its commitment to responsibility, demonstrates its dedication to player fun and safety.”

Beneficiaries share the Colorado Lottery bounty

Lottery Director Seaver also said:

“Hitting another sales record helps us maximize funds for our beneficiaries, which means more money for outdoor recreation, conservation, open spaces, schools and outdoor equity in Colorado – that is what we’re most proud of.”

65% of each dollar that goes into lottery game purchases then goes to lottery winners in Colorado. 21-24% go to Lottery beneficiaries.

According to their website, Colorado Lottery beneficiaries of its 2022 $180.3 million bounty include:

  • Great Outdoors Colorado: $73.1 million. GOCO opens up, cares for, and protects new outdoor spaces and helps outdoor organizations, like Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Last year Seaver commented that GOCO’s project reach extends to all state counties.
  • Conservation Trust Fund: $72.1 million. In 2022, the CTF allocations include funds for wildlife conservation, river recovery, fish recovery, and more.
  • Colorado Parks and Wildlife: $24.3 million.
  • Building Excellent Schools Today: $9.3 million.
  • Outdoor Equity Fund: $1.5 million. Colorado Parks and Wildlife manages this new fund. The monies will likely go to 43 projects that increase outdoor access for underserved communities. This year’s figure represents a jump from $750,000 in Fiscal Year 2021.

Since 1983, the Colorado Lottery has distributed more than $3.9 billion for outdoor projects via the first four of these beneficiaries.

Retail shout-out

Seaver praised the front line Lottery workers — the retailers — around the state.

“The Lottery would not be here today if it wasn’t for the participation of its most important partners, our retailers. I’m thankful for the nearly 3,000 retailers who work with the Lottery and hope to add many more in the future.”

On average, Lottery product retailers get more than $19,000 every year.

A banner year for the Colorado Lottery overall

According to a press release put out by the Lottery, it’s their “continued efforts to operate using best practices in the industry” that’s behind the consistent growth.

Those continued efforts and best practices paid off in another way besides sales this year. In July, the World Lottery Association awarded the Colorado Lottery Level 4 Responsible Gaming Certification. That’s the highest level available.

Getting that certification means the Lottery has shown that responsible gaming principles like player education and employee programs are part of its daily operations, and that it continuously strengthens efforts “to promote responsible play.”

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