Colorado Bettors Put Down A Lot Of NFL MVP Money On An Unexpected Contender

Written By Ian St. Clair on 01/13/2021 - Last Updated on February 10, 2021

We know the Denver Broncos and NFL are king.

That is especially true in Colorado. About the only thing in the betting world that comes close at this point is Russian table tennis.

Since this is the first time fans in Colorado could partake in betting on the Broncos, there was intrigue on what the numbers would look like. Even more so when COVID-19 entered the equation.

The record $231.2 million handle for November was the best indication yet.

The NFL was the top sport wagered on, bringing in $88.5 million.

As the NFL playoffs head into the divisional round this weekend, the puzzle is coming together.

Thanks to a season recap from DraftKings, we know what players and teams bettors put their money on in Colorado.

As Johnny Avello, DraftKings sportsbook director of operations, told PlayColorado:

“I think it went extremely well. We prepared by giving the Coloradans free pools to play in so they could get used to our site. And then when the time came when we could go with the live betting, turned it on, and they knew something about it at that time. But we’ve grown there substantially. And I thought it went very, very well.”

Most-bet teams in Colorado

In terms of the NFL betting breakdown in Colorado, here are teams punters favored.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs
  2. Green Bay Packers
  3. Seattle Seahawks
  4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  5. Pittsburgh Steelers

Broncos return to success could increase betting excitement

There’s no doubt if the Broncos are able to get back to their winning ways, that will have a huge impact on this list in the future.

Denver took the first step with the announcement that George Paton is the new general manager.

Paton was the Minnesota Vikings’ assistant general manager and vice president of player personnel.

As Avello said:

“Will that help us? It certainly will. When you look at the teams that Colorado did bet, the Chiefs were the No. 1 team that they played. Obviously the Chiefs are certainly, if not the best, one of top three teams in the NFL. The teams they wagered on were good teams. I’m sure they would love to wager on the Broncos more, and they will if the Broncos put it together, and that’s certainly possible.”

MVP betting in Colorado

When it comes to the players NFL bettors in Colorado think will win the MVP, there are some “no-duhs” and surprises.

  1. Aaron Rodgers (30% of the handle, 13% of the bets)
  2. Patrick Mahomes (21% handle, 9% bets)
  3. Russell Wilson (11% handle, 10% bets)
  4. Josh Allen (6% handle, 9% bets)

Here’s where the surprise comes in …

Drew Lock (5% handle, 8% bets)

As Avello said:

“Yeah, that’s quite interesting. And Drew Lock is nowhere to be found in any other state in the top five. That just goes to show you that states do like to support their local teams. And I think Lock was bet early. Of course he was. I think they bet early because there were some pretty good odds on him at the time.”

Can any team beat the Chiefs?

As the Colorado sports betting market prepares for the divisional round this weekend, is there a threat to the Chiefs?

According to Avello:

“I think there’s two threats to the Chiefs. They’re playing the Browns this week, and the Browns are capable of putting up a lot of points. But I don’t think that’s the real threat. I think the real threat is the Buffalo Bills. The Buffalo Bills have kind of been fearless. It doesn’t matter who they play, they feel like they can win. To me, that’s the big threat out of the AFC.

“Once they get into the Super Bowl, if the Packers do get in, I think that’s the other threat. The Packers have an experienced quarterback who has won a Super Bowl before. This team has played well throughout the entire year. Good personnel on both sides of the football. So I think those are the two big threats.”

Photo by AP / Jack Dempsey
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