Responsible Gaming Tools Help Colorado Bettors Resist Urges

Written By Ian St. Clair on 06/25/2020

Responsible gaming tools can serve as a second conscience.

They can give you peace of mind for those moments you want to have fun gambling without breaking your budget or making a life-altering mistake.

Colorado betting apps include features to guide you for all the times you’ve asked yourself, “Should I really place that bet?”

Regulated online sportsbooks offer a suite of tools that allow you to set limits on wagers and deposits or exclude yourself from betting altogether.

Unlike visiting a retail sportsbook, when you’re placing online bets from the comfort of your couch, the temptation to get carried away is always present.

The various sportsbooks and 33 casinos in the Centennial State take gambling issues seriously. Mechanisms are in place to help you have fun while also abiding by preset betting limitations.

What are the responsible gaming features?

The following responsible gambling tools are available at online sportsbooks in Colorado (as highlighted on this page):

  • Deposit Limits: This allows you to cap the amount you deposit for different times. Setting up a spending limit for recreational betting could prevent you from “chasing losses.”
  • Bet Limits: This caps the amount you can wager. Depending on the sportsbook, you can set daily, weekly or monthly limits. You can also set the max amount to wager on a single slip.
  • Timeout: For short breaks from betting, you can take a break, which gives you the ability to stop gambling for 24 hours or more.
  • Self-Exclusion: This is the most drastic measure, as there is no way to reverse a self-exclusion until the time limit you set expires. You can self-exclude for a year or more. Most books will require that you request to be reinstated.

If you choose to self-exclude, it follows the same process you would undertake at a brick-and-mortar casino. If you are already self-excluded from Colorado casinos, the retail sportsbooks will be out of bounds.

Where can I find responsible gaming tools?

In each sports betting app in Colorado, there is a “Responsible Gaming” section.

If you go to your account, look for it in the navigation list. Once there, you’ll see the various tools available. The degree of limitation is up to you.

Regulated gaming settings Regulated gaming settings

Overall, responsible gaming is both easy to find and institute, no matter the gaming app you choose. However, if you want to activate it on multiple apps, you will have to set it up individually for each account.

When do I need responsible gaming features?

Two scenarios are the most common: You hit a winning streak or lose a big bet. Both will impact your mood in different ways and cloud your judgment.

For example, a winning streak may give an inflated sense of invulnerability. So you may keep betting with the thought that you cannot lose.

In that scenario, you could experience both the high of a win and the low of a loss. That’s where the timeout function helps.

Responsible gaming is there if you need it

For bettors unable to work with temporary timeouts, bet and deposit limits, they can also self-exclude from online betting apps.

Most people can enjoy gambling recreationally without any problems, but these tools are essential to assist those who cannot.

In the end, problem gambling is taken very seriously in Colorado.

Problem Gambling Colorado provides a 24-hour confidential help line for residents. It is available in English and Spanish.

To reach Problem Gambling Colorado

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