Sports Illustrated Sportsbook Colorado Promo for $200

Colorado was the first state where Sports Illustrated debuted its sportsbook and new users who sign up with Sports Illustrated Sportsbook in June 2024 can receive $200 worth of bonus. To be eligible, you need to use the SI Colorado bonus code SI200.

Best Colorado sportsbook welcome bonuses in June

During this Sports Illustrated Sportsbook review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about one of the top online sportsbooks in Colorado. That includes:

  • How the $200 Sports Illustrated sign-up bonus works.
  • How to deposit and cash out money at SI.
  • The types of sports bets you can make.
  • How geofencing works for sports betting.
  • And a whole lot more.

Sports Illustrated Sportsbook Colorado promo code 2024

To claim your welcome bonus, create an SI Sportsbook account and use the top Sports Illustrated code SI200. Next, place a qualifying wager of $20 or more. You’ll get $200 worth of bonus if it settles as a win.

You must use the SI Colorado bonus code SI200 to unlock this sign-up bonus.

SI Sportsbook Promo CodeSI200
Sign-Up BonusBet $20, Win $200 in bonus
Terms and Conditions• $20 bet must have odds of +120 or longer
• Bonus only awarded if bet wins
• bonus come as eight $25 bonus tokens
Online Since2021
Last UpdatedJune 2024

SI Sportsbook Colorado sign-up bonus requirements

The Sports Illustrated Sportsbook sign-up bonus is among the best values you’ll find. It also is very easy to understand. Here’s a simple guide on how to claim this outstanding offer.

  1. Open a new account with Sportsbook Illustrated Colorado.
  2. Enter the SI Colorado bonus code SI200.
  3. Make your initial deposit.
  4. Place a bet with minimum odds of +120 for $20 or more.
  5. SI will give you a $200 in bonus if you bet settles as a win.
  6. The bonus come as eight $25 bet tokens.

How does an SI Sportsbook bet token work?

For starters, a bonus token expires seven days from when you receive it, so use it before that happens. To use the token, select a bet and you’ll see a “Bonus offers” option. Clicking on that will give you the choice of selecting “bonus token” in your SI Sportsbook bet slip. Then just place the bet. There are no odds restrictions when it comes to bet tokens. However, wagers made with them cannot be cashed out early.

One key thing to understand about bet tokens is that they don’t transfer over into your winnings. For instance, if you placed and won a $25 bet with a bet token and the odds were +100 you would get $25 back.

How does the SI Sportsbook bonus compare?

Despite the relative smallness of the SI welcome bonus, we consider it one of the better ones in Colorado. That’s because it only costs you $20 to claim $200 worth of bonus. We do wish there was some type of bonus for users who do not win their opening bet. It would be disappointing to lose your initial bet and not have anything to show for it.

Can I trust SI Sportsbook?

Yes, SI Sportsbook is a trustworthy sports betting option in Colorado. It’s a licensed online sportsbook, meaning the Colorado Division of Gaming (DOG) has vetted it to allow it to operate in the state. It would not have received a betting license if there was anything to be worried about from a consumer standpoint. Additionally, if you have any questions or concerns, you can reach the DOG by calling 303-205-1300 or emailing [email protected].

  • Why does SI Sportsbook need to know my location? Because you must be within Colorado to wager on sports, and the sportsbook needs to be able to check that. Otherwise, you won’t be able to bet.
  • How old do I have to be to bet on sports with SI Sportsbook? In Colorado, the minimum age to bet on sports legally is 21. The sportsbook will verify that you are old enough when you sign up.
  • Can I bet on CU and CSU with the SI Sportsbook app? Yes, you can wager on in-state schools like the Colorado Buffaloes, Colorado State Rams and Air Force Falcons at SI Sportsbook. While you can bet on Colorado-based college teams, though, the state doesn’t allow college prop bets, so keep that in mind.

Getting started at SI Sportsbook in Colorado

To sign up at SI Sportsbook, you’ll need to enter the following personal details:

  • First and last name
  • Home address
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number (last four digits)
  • Sports Illustrated bonus code SI200

After entering the aforementioned info, you must create a password and confirm that you are 21 or older. Click the sign-up button, and most of the time, you will be good to go. Sometimes, to confirm your identity, you will need to submit photographic proof. Taking a picture of your state-issued driver’s license and uploading it almost always does the trick.

How do I download the SI Sportsbook Colorado app?

SI Sportsbook’s app is free for both Apple and Android mobile devices. Here is a quick guide for how to download it for each:

Downloading the SI Sportsbook iOS app

  1. Head to the SI Sportsbook site, scroll to the bottom and click the box labeled “Download on the App Store.”
  2. When the Apple App Store opens to the SI Sportsbook page, tap “Get.”

Downloading the SI Sportsbook Android app

  1. Click “Available for Android” at the bottom of the sportsbook site.
  2. Follow the prompts from there to download and install the app.

Where do I find SI Sportsbook CO promotions?

If you are using the SI sports betting app, you can click on the “Promotions” link in the lower right corner. If you’re on the website, meanwhile, you’ll find the link at the top of the page. Clicking on either will show you all the current promos at the sportsbook.

The SI promos are different from what you will find at many other sportsbooks. That’s because apart from the sign-up bonus for new users, you’ll find few other choices. One of those rare options is Win-Win Promotions, which are available only on select days of the week.

On Tuesdays, you get a $5 bonus if you win a bet of $5 or more with odds of +300 or longer. On Wednesdays, you get a $10 bonus if you win a bet of $10 or more with odds of +400 or greater. And on Thursdays, you receive a $15 bonus if you win a bet of $15 or more with odds of +500 or more.

The biggest downside is that if your initial bet loses, you end up with nothing to show for your efforts. Insurance promotions, which you’ll find at BetMGM, DraftKings, PointsBet and FanDuel (among others), allow you to get all or part of your money back on losing wagers. We’re hopeful that SI Sportsbook will add these types of promos in the near future.

  • Does SI Sportsbook have daily odds boosts? Yes, SI Sportsbook Colorado does offer a limited number of boosted odds wagers each day.
  • How do you opt-in to SI Sportsbook promos? You do not have to opt in to SI Sportsbook promotions. Simply click on a promotion, read how it works, and then meet the wagering requirements for the promo and you’ll be all set.

Why should I choose the SI Sportsbook app?

Here are a few of the main things that Sports Illustrated’s new online sportsbook has going for it:

  • Welcome bonus: We’ve already discussed the Sports Illustrated sign-up bonus, but it’s worth mentioning again. For a qualifying $20 bet, you can win $200 in bonus. Talk about an amazing way to get started with SI Sportsbook.
  • Win-win promotions: While we would like to see SI CO Sportsbook add more bonus offers, the Win-Win Promotions offer yet another reason to sign up. These promotions provide bonus if you place a winning bet on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday that meets certain requirements.
  • Because you’re a Sports Illustrated fan: Sports Illustrated might not have quite the fandom that it did even a few years ago, but it still is a recognizable name in sports media. If you’re a fan, that may nudge you toward signing up.

What won’t I like about the SI Sportsbook app?

While Sports Illustrated offers a legitimate online sportsbook, it still has some areas we’d like to see improved:

  • No rewards club: Regardless of how often you bet or how much money you wager, SI Sportsbook doesn’t offer rewards for doing so. Two of our favorite sportsbook loyalty-type clubs are at DraftKings and PointsBet, which reward you when you bet.
  • No single-game parlays: Sadly, you cannot place single-game parlays at SI Sportsbook. So you will not be able to place a parlay on the Broncos to win, the over to hit and Courtland Sutton to catch a TD in the same game.
  • Limited withdrawal choices: While we hope this list will grow, right now your lone options for withdrawing funds from SI Sportsbook are e-checks, PayPal and a Play+ prepaid debit card.

What kind of bets can I make at Sports Illustrated CO sports betting?

Sports Illustrated has all of the standard bets you would expect at its sportsbook. We’ll go over them below, with this example game listing to help explain things:

MoneylineRun LineTotal Runs
LA Dodgers-143-1.5 (+102)Over 9.5 (-103)
Colorado Rockies+123+1.5 (-130)Under 9.5 (-112)

Moneyline vs. run line

The moneyline is for betting on which side will win the game, regardless of the score. A run line, meanwhile, takes the margin of victory into account, similar to the point spread in football and basketball. This run line has the Los Angeles Dodgers favored by 1.5 runs. That means the Dodgers would need to win by more than 1.5 for a run line bet on them to win. The Colorado Rockies, meanwhile, would need to win by any score or lose by less than 1.5 runs.

The other factor is the odds. The Rockies’ moneyline odds of +123 mean a winning $100 bet would make a profit of $123. The Dodgers’ odds of -143 mean you would need to bet $143 and win to make a profit of $100.


Over/unders, also called totals, generally refer to bets on the combined total score of a game. With an example line at 9.5, if you bet on the over, you would need 10 or more total runs in the game. And if you bet on the under, you would be looking for nine or fewer total runs.

Where do I find prop bets at SI Sportsbook?

You can find all the prop bets for an individual game by clicking on that particular game listing. Next to each game is a “More wagers” box. It will have a number telling you how many props are available.

Proposition bets, or props, are wagers on whether specific events will happen in a game. In this game, you may see a prop for how many strikeouts Germán Márquez will have, whether Brendan Rodgers will hit a home run or whether the game will go to extra innings.

Futures bets at SI Sportsbook

When you click on a specific league, such as MLB in this case, you’ll see a couple of tabs near the top. One is labeled “Live & Upcoming” and the other “Futures.” Clicking the futures tab will bring up all the available futures bets for that league.

Futures are bets on season-long outcomes. For instance, you could wager on the Rockies to win the NL West, the NL pennant or even the World Series. You also have the option of betting on players to win individual awards like the MVP or Cy Young.

How do round robins and parlays work?

Both round robins and parlays allow you to combine wagers in order to receive better odds and potentially win more money.

  • Parlays: You combine at least two bets, and you need to get each of your individual picks correct. Parlays are popular because combining just four or five picks can lead to huge wins from small wagers. They are very difficult to win, though, so proceed with caution.
  • Round robins: You combine at least three bets, but in such a way that you can get one wrong and still win some money. Though you win more if you get all of your picks right.

Live betting at SI Sportsbook

The SI Sportsbook app and website also let you bet on games in real-time with live betting. Merely select “Live Right Now” and you can see all the games across the globe that are happening that you can bet on at the sportsbook.

With live betting, odds will change based on the current score, how much time is remaining, player injuries or foul trouble, and anything else that affects each team’s chances. Since odds and lines can change quickly, you need to be ready to pull the trigger as soon as you see a live bet that’s to your liking.

Can I bet on the Denver Broncos at Sports Illustrated Colorado Sportsbook?

Yes, you can wager on the Denver Broncos as well as every other NFL team at the Sports Illustrated Sportsbook in Colorado. In addition to the options above, here are some other football bets you can try:

  • Touchdown wagers: Select players to score at any time, to tally the first or last TD or to record multiple TDs.
  • Quarter or halftime betting: Unfortunately, if you’re a fan of the Broncos, you know they’ve struggled to score points the past few years, especially early in games. With quarter betting, you can put that knowledge to use by placing spread, moneyline and over/under bets for whatever quarter you choose. You also can do the same thing for either the first or second half.
  • Double result bet: These wagers are basically like a two-leg parlay. You are betting on which team will be leading at halftime and at the game’s conclusion. The odds will vary based on which option you select. For instance, if the Broncos are playing the Kansas City Chiefs, the odds for Chiefs/Chiefs would be relatively low, while betting either Tied/Broncos or Chiefs/Broncos would be much higher.
  • Player props: NFL games often have the most prop bets of any sports league. That’s because on top of touchdown scorers you also can place over/under bets for player stat lines and bet on various team and game outcomes.

How do I get money on (and off!) SI Sportsbook quickly?

The deposit and withdrawal options at SI Sportsbook are satisfactory. Just make sure that one of these options will work for you. The last thing you want is to hit a big win and then not have a convenient way to collect your winnings.


Deposit MethodMinimum AmountProcessing Time
ACH (e-check)$10Instant
Play+ Prepaid Card $10Instant
Visa/Mastercard/Discover Credit/Debit Card$10Instant
Online Bank Transfer$10Instant
PayNearMe$10Up to 24 hours


Withdrawal MethodMinimum AmountProcessing Time
ACH (e-check)No MinimumUp to 2 Days
PayPalNo MinimumUp to 2 Days
Play+ Prepaid Card No MinimumUp to 2 Days

How do I get help at SI Sportsbook?

To get immediate help, you can call 1-800-494-0364, and you should be able to reach a representative 24/7. For less urgent matters, you could send a message through your account. Many times it also works to simply go to the FAQ page and see if there is already an answer to your question there.

How do I exclude myself from SI CO Sportsbook?

Clicking on the “Responsible Gaming” link will show you a number of options to help promote responsible gambling at SI Sportsbook:

  • Playing time limit: This lets you restrict the number of hours, during a 24-hour day, that you can be logged into the SI Sportsbook app/website.
  • Deposit limit: You can impose a limit on how much you can deposit during either one day, one week or one month.
  • Loss limit: You can limit how much money you can lose during either a day, week or month. Once you’ve reached your limit, you will not be able to wager again until the time period is up.
  • Cooling off: If you want to close your SI Sportsbook account for a short while, this is your choice. You can close your account for one week, two weeks or between one and five months.
  • Self-exclusion: And this is your option if you’re looking to shut down your account for a more extended period of time. Your options are one or five years.

Can I bet with SI Colorado Sportsbook in person?

No, SI Sportsbook has not announced a partnership with a land-based casino in Colorado. Chances are that when that happens, the sportsbook will say whether it plans on having a retail betting location in the Centennial State.

How does SI Sportsbook compare to other Colorado sportsbooks?

SI Sportsbook is a solid option with good odds and a few quality promotions.

While it might not be quite as good as DraftKings, FanDuel, and Caesars, it still is a great sportsbook worthy of your time.

It can be beneficial to have multiple online sportsbook accounts if that’s something you’re comfortable with. This allows you to claim all the promotional offers at each one and get the best odds available for any bets you want to place.

SI Sportsbook Colorado FAQS

SI200, enter this Sports Illustrated bonus code when you sign up with SI Sportsbook Colorado. Then make a $20 bet with odds of +120 or longer. You’ll get $200 in bonus (8 x $25) if you win. 

Yes, many wagers at SI Sportsbook are eligible for early cash-out. If a bet is eligible, it will have a green “Cash Out” box directly below the wager in your bet slip.

Nope, SI Sportsbook does not charge withdrawal fees. However, some financial institutions may charge fees to process your withdrawals, so it’s a good idea to check beforehand.

Yes, living in Colorado is not a requirement to bet with any legal sportsbook in the state. However, you must be in the state when making bets or cashing out early.

SI Sportsbook is owned by Authentic Brand Group, which is the parent company of Sports Illustrated and 888sport. Prior to launching in Colorado, 888sport ran an 888 Sportsbook in New Jersey and other sportsbooks overseas. Colorado marked the debut of the SI Sportsbook brand.

On the positive side of things, SI Sportsbook tends to offer slightly better prop betting odds than PointsBet. However, PointsBet offers quite a few more betting options, thanks mainly to PointsBetting, its unique betting option. Both sportsbooks are licensed in Colorado, and we recommend both.