LuckyLand Slots Social Casino Review

BonusBonus$10 Gold Coin purchase for $4.99$10 Gold Coin purchase for $4.99
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In the spirit of the iconic Las Vegas sign, “Welcome to Fabulous LuckyLand” greets those who visit LuckyLand Slots, operated by VGW LuckyLand.

LuckyLand gives gamers a chance to land big cash prizes when playing no-cost slots games free of charge. The system works by virtue of sweepstakes laws throughout most of the US. Players have to be at least 18 years old.

You can play exciting casino-style games from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet via the recently released app for Android devices. There’s no iOS-specific app at this time, but Apple iPhone and iPad users can play from their Safari mobile browsers.

You can play slots with two types of tokens: Gold Coins, which have no value and are just used for fun, and FREE Sweeps Coins, which are technically sweepstakes entries that may lead to cash prizes.

For example, when you use FREE Sweeps Coins to spin the reels, you are technically entering a sweepstakes drawing. This means that you can redeem any winnings from lucky spins for cash prizes.

Why Choose LuckyLand Slots Colorado
  • Free Gold Coins plus FREE Sweeps Coins as a welcome bonus
  • Play from Android app/iOS mobile browser
  • Redeem Sweeps Coins winnings for cash prizes
  • $10 Gold Coin purchase for $4.99 - Gold Coins + FREE Sweeps Coins
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LuckyLand Slots Sign-Up Bonus

LuckyLand Slots will give you Gold Coins and FREE Sweeps Coins every day you log in to your account, along with a number of other giveaway opportunities, and you can always buy more Gold Coins if you want to keep spinning for fun. You can’t buy FREE Sweeps Coins; they are only given away for free, but there are a number of ways to get more. Keep reading for more details.

LuckyLand has a couple of new player LuckyLand sign-up bonuses to get you off to a good start. Register for a LuckyLand account and you’ll get Gold Coins and FREE Sweep Coins just to welcome you to the site.

The second part of the welcome bonus is a special deal for a $10 Gold Coin purchase that will only cost you $4.99. You’ll receive Gold Coins and an additional FREE Sweeps Coins. No LuckyLand promo code is necessary.

FREE Sweeps Coins are often available when purchasing Gold Coins, but not always. This special first-purchase bonus is a great way to get your time at LuckyLand Slots off to an amazing start.

LuckyLand Slots Promo Code 2024

Online Social CasinoLuckyLand Slots Colorado
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No Purchase Bonus Gold Coins and FREE Sweeps Coins
Purchase Bonus$10 Gold Coins purchase for $4.99
Last UpdatedMay 2024

How to play LuckyLand Slots

As long as you are 18 or older, you can register for a LuckyLand Slots account and get your welcome bonus on successful registration. To get started, click the button that says play now in the center of the page. A new window will open and ask for your email address and a password.

When you’re choosing a password, keep in mind that it will need to be exactly eight characters long, and include both numbers and letters. It cannot include special characters.

How to get LuckyLand Slots FREE Sweeps Coins

In addition to LuckyLand’s new player welcome bonus and purchases of Gold Coins that sometimes include FREE Sweeps Coins, there are other ways to get free Gold Coins and FREE Sweeps Coins include the following:

  • Social media FREE Sweeps Coin giveaways.
  • Daily bonus for FREE Sweeps Coins/Gold Coins.
  • Free spin gifts.
  • VIP loyalty program Gold Coin discounts.
  • Tournaments for FREE Sweeps Coins/Gold Coins.
  • Mail LuckyLand to receive FREE Sweeps Coins.

Social media Sweeps Coin giveaways

Regular Sweeps Coin giveaway contests on LuckyLand’s Facebook page (41K likes currently) and Instagram (8,444 followers) involve a wide array of creative challenges that are easy enough to enter and well worth the time.

A recent contest gave away a whopping 10 million Gold Coins and 1,000 FREE Sweeps Coins to five lucky contestants who entered just by logging in to their accounts from an iPhone or iPad browser and adding LuckyLand to Safari’s home screen button.

Another recent giveaway asked followers to solve a word scramble puzzle about LuckyLand’s newest in-house developed game, Lucky Duck. An additional 10 contestants won 10 FREE Sweeps Coins by responding to a post with a photo of themselves and a review of the site.

Daily bonus

Logging in to your account once a day will reward you with three-tenths of a FREE Sweeps Coin and a number of free Gold Coins. The size of your Gold Coin bonus will increase with each consecutive day you visit the site. You’ll also receive free Gold Coins every four hours.

Log in seven days in a row, and your daily FREE Sweeps Coin bonus will increase to one on the seventh day. Whenever you are due to collect a bonus, a window will open and allow you to claim it hassle free.

Free spin gifts

LuckyLand lets you give a free spin gift to 50 friends every day. Just click on the gift button to send your free spins, as well as collect any free spins your friends have sent to you.

VIP loyalty program Gold Coin discounts

A six-level VIP program helps you earn discounts on purchases of Gold Coins. The higher you climb, the higher your discount.


FREE Sweeps Coin and Gold Coin tournaments let you compete with others for a chance to win a share of a prize pool. Click on the events button at the top of the game lobby to see the games currently holding tournaments. Click on the gold crown icon to see Gold Coin contests or choose the stack of cash to look over Sweeps Coin tournaments.

You’ll be automatically entered when you play any game with an active tournament. You will earn tournament points that are equivalent to your winnings from lucky spins in the game.

Points move you up the tournament leaderboard. At the end of the tournament, the final prize pool is split among the top point-getters. LuckyLand seeds the prize pool at the start, but the more the game is played, the larger the pool.

At the time of this review, FREE Sweeps Coin tournaments started with a prize pool of 500 FREE Sweeps Coins for each of 10 titles, all progressive jackpot games, including:

  • Galactic Blast
  • Sweep the Nation
  • Dr. Amazing
  • Lucky Duck
  • Oasis of Wilds
  • Paleo Payday
  • Revved Up Reels
  • Lucky Reels
  • Dead Lucky
  • Empire Reels

Gold Coin tournaments were seeded with 5 million Gold Coins, and include seven of the same games, along with three others:

  • Lucky Wheel
  • Enchanted Fairy
  • Doggie Kisses

Any tournament winnings will be deposited automatically into your Gold Coin or FREE Sweeps Coin balance.

LuckyLand Slots Screenshots

LuckyLand Games Menu
Neon Valley Slot Game
Neon Valley Slot game
Amazonia 3D Slot Game
Snow Queen 3D Slot Game
LuckyLand Instagram Account

LuckyLand Slots app

To ensure that you have a smooth experience from your mobile device, LuckyLand Slots recommends that you keep the following suggestions in mind:

  • The official app for Android will be compatible with OS 6.0 and higher.
  • Mobile browser experience is optimized for iOS 13.4 and newer, along with Android devices/tablets with a nonstandard resolution.

To install the official app for Android, navigate to LuckyLand’s webpage on a mobile browser and click get the app to download. Next, find LuckyLandSlots.apk in your download location. Click to install. You will have to set your device to allow non-Google Play Store apps to be installed, but you can reset to default once the LuckyLand app is installed.

The Android app includes all the features you’ll find on the desktop site, including all 40 or so games. If you prefer to play from your PC or Mac desktop computer, the site’s HTML5 design is compatible with all modern, updated web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.

Keep in mind that LuckyLand’s desktop client is browser-based. This means that even though you will not need to install a separate program to access the site, you will need to download and launch the software every time you visit the site, log in, load a game, hit your browser’s back button, re-launch a stalled game and so on.

LuckyLand Slots’ graphics are visually elaborate and include a lot of intricate detail and 3D animation. Both the site and games look great, but if your internet connection is a bit slow or includes a data cap, the site is probably not the best choice for you.

If you find that you’re having issues loading the games, or even getting to the login screen, head on over to Chumba Casino. LuckyLand’s sister site uses the same kind of sweepstakes model, and you will likely have a much smoother experience, even if more two-dimensional.

Navigating the site

Once the site loads, you will be able to access everything you’ll need, including your account, promotions, the game menu, tournaments and more.

A number of icons are at the top edge of the page. The line icon in the right corner is a drop-down menu for social options, including messaging friends, sending Facebook invitations, gifting free spins to friends and connecting your Facebook and LuckyLand accounts. You also will be able to connect with customer support, and look over the site’s terms of service and other policies.

Other buttons along the top of the page include events, and LuckyLand’s VIP loyalty program. A scrolling leaderboard will drop down near the top of the screen to announce big wins.

Click on the events button to open a window with three tabs — events, tournaments and goals — along the top edge. Events and goals are still in the planning stage, and marked “coming soon.”

The center tournaments tab will list games currently holding competitions. Click on the gold crown icon to see Gold Coin tournaments, and the stack of cash icon to see Sweeps Coin tournaments.

Graphics for LuckyLand’s nearly 40 slots games are displayed in the center of the page. There is no search feature, so you will have to use the left and right arrows to find a specific game.

Two pink buttons in the bottom corners of the page are for bonuses and gifts. You can click on these buttons to collect any bonuses you might qualify for. Newly added games appear between these icons.

LuckyLand Slots games

LuckyLand offers about 40 slots titles, all of which were developed in house, and none of which involve a table game.

To play games for fun with Gold Coins, click on the crown symbol at the bottom of each game. To switch into FREE Sweeps Coins and play for the chance to win cash prizes, click on the icon picturing a fat stack of bills.

New titles appear frequently. New games include Lucky Numbers, an instant win game, and a slots title, Lucky Duck.

Three super jackpot games are:

  • Neon Valley (246 million at the time of this review)
  • Power of Ra (20.6 million)
  • Dr. Amazing (87.5 million)

A number of LuckyLand Slots games feature 3D animation, including the following:

  • King of the Jungle in 3D
  • Amazonia in 3D
  • Dragon’s Den in 3D

We especially liked the Snow Queen in 3D game. The queen floats around, waves her wand with flourish, jumps up and down, and spins 360 degrees now and then.

The bonus game features an animated snowman at the top of a snow-covered hill. To play, roll a number of snow balls down the hill where they will land in various-sized prize baskets. Randomly placed rocks will change your snowball’s direction as it bounces down the hill.

The game Neon Valley also features 3D animation. This game was another favorite, featuring a bucking horse wild that can cover an entire reel, and then basically stay there for a few spins.

In addition to the new title Lucky Numbers, other instant win games include two scratch and win titles, Victoria’s Cash Spectacular and The Dragon Key.

How the promotional sweepstakes system works

When you play games with FREE Sweeps Coins, lucky spins will gain you additional FREE Sweeps Coins that you can potentially redeem for cash prizes.

Lucky spins during Gold Coin gameplay are rewarded with more Gold Coins, which have no monetary value. You can use Gold Coins only to play LuckyLand Slots games for fun.

How Gold Coins work

Gold Coins are available for free often, but if you would like to keep playing when you run out, you can purchase Gold Coin. Some of the time when you buy Gold Coins, you will receive FREE Sweeps Coins as an added bonus.

To buy Gold Coins, click the button marked buy at the top of the page. You can use Mastercard/Visa/American Express credit cards to make your purchase.

How FREE Sweeps Coins work

There are four ways to obtain additional FREE Sweeps Coins, three of which have already been covered above:

  • FREE Sweeps Coins when purchasing certain Gold Coin Offers
  • Daily login offers
  • Social media giveaways.

The fourth method is to ask LuckyLand to send you five FREE Sweeps Coins via USPS mail.

How to redeem FREE Sweeps Coins for cash prizes

You can redeem a minimum of 50 FREE Sweeps Coins in winnings from lucky spins by clicking on the redeem button in the upper portion of your screen. Fill in the amount you’d like to redeem, accept LuckyLand’s terms and conditions, and click the button. Your cash prize will be deposited into your personal bank account usually within three to five business days.

The process is a little more complicated when you request a redemption for the first time. Before LuckyLand will release any funds, you will have to verify your identity and your ownership of the bank account you are using.

To verify your identity, you will need to take the following steps:

  • Phone verification process.
  • Upload an image of your driver’s license or official ID, and a copy of a recent bank statement.
  • Documents must be fully readable (no redactions).

Once you’ve completed this process, it will typically take three to five business days for funds to show up in your bank account.

LuckyLand Slots customer support

LuckyLand’s comprehensive FAQ section will probably be able to help you no matter what your question or concern is about.

If you need more personal attention, you can contact LuckyLand’s Australia-based Facebook team via wall post, fill out a ZenDesk form or email directly at [email protected].