Wyoming Sports Betting Begins With DraftKings and BetMGM Launches

Written By Ian St. Clair on 09/01/2021 - Last Updated on September 2, 2021
Online Wyoming sports betting now live

Legal sports betting is now live in Wyoming.

After HB 133 was brought before the Wyoming House of Representatives earlier this year, it’s been a break-neck speed to get here. As others have noted, to pass legislation and take a bet in the same year is pretty incredible.

And talk about good timing. The launch of sports betting in the Cowboy State comes a few days before the University of Wyoming opens its season on Saturday at War Memorial Stadium against Montana State.

One thing to remember about Wyoming sports betting is it is completely online. It’s the second state in the U.S. to offer online-only sports betting, joining Tennessee.

And Wyoming State Rep. Tom Walters couldn’t be more excited. Walters represents House District 38, home to Casper in Natrona County and was the main sponsor of HB 133.

As Walters said:

“I’m very excited to see it come to fruition. I’m very excited to see it actually going to start taking place and being in place for the first University of Wyoming football game. That’ll be interesting. I’m curious to see how Wyoming reacts to that. If there’s a fair bit of wagering or if there’s no uptick. I’m really excited and curious to see how it all goes.”

DraftKings and BetMGM live in Wyoming

As of today, DraftKings and BetMGM are the lone sportsbooks to launch in Wyoming.

Both sportsbooks were approved by the Wyoming Gaming Commission at Wednesday’s meeting.

Walters added that a couple of other operators will probably come out a few weeks after this launch date. He also expects Wyoming sports fans to be really excited.

“I think the next step will be educating them on how to use the various features,” Walters said. “How they go about creating their accounts so they can place wagers. The companies offering it are in that business and know how to market and advertise, and I think it’ll be good for Wyoming.”

Sports betting won’t change UW coverage

Longtime sportswriter Ryan Thorburn, who recently had his career come full circle by returning to the Cowboys beat at the Casper Tribune (he got his start there), hasn’t been able to dive into sports betting in Wyoming just yet. Given he’s getting his feet wet on the beat and the season is about to start on what fans hope is a historic season, you can understand why.

Like most of the country, this is new territory for him and other journalists.

As Thorburn said:

“Legalized sports gambling will not dramatically change my coverage, but I do plan to make picks against the spread on the Star-Tribune podcast due to public interest in college football betting.”

Wyoming puts an emphasis on responsible gambling

The other big aspect for Wyoming is responsible gambling.

Yes, this is now available to sports fans, but it’s an added form of wagertainment. Don’t expect to make a living on sports betting and have limits in place.

“Responsible gambling is very important,” Walters said. “Within the legislation itself, we discussed problem gaming, and then I think those companies are responsible entities because they know if they take everybody’s money, the person won’t be back for a second time. They recognize the need for what I would call a repeat customer.

“So there’s a balancing act there that they’re well aware of and they do what they can. And personal choice is still personal choice. You can’t hold everybody’s hand all the time. But I think Wyoming is set up well to succeed in this market.”

Now that sports betting is open for business in Wyoming, will Walters place a bet?

As Walters said:

“I doubt it since I wasn’t placing wagers prior to this in any way or in any other state, so I doubt I’ll take part in this. I just wanted to make sure it was available to the folks who like that. And have the state benefit from it.”

Now that sports betting is live in Wyoming, here are some frequently asked questions prospective bettors may have.

Will the sports betting app I used in Colorado work in Wyoming?

No, the Colorado sports betting apps will not work in Wyoming, and vice versa. To bet on sports in Wyoming, you’ll have to be within Wyoming’s state borders to do so. Sportsbooks use what is called geolocation software to verify where you are before you get started.

Will I be able to bet on the Cowboys and Cowgirls?

Yes, Wyoming residents can place bets on UW athletics. That means you can wager on the Pokes this Saturday.

What sports can I bet on?

Sports bettors in Wyoming can bet on all of the major sports and leagues. So the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL, to name a few. That means you can place wagers on Wyoming’s adopted son Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills, as well as the Denver Broncos, Colorado Rockies, Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets.

What is the sports betting age limit in Wyoming?

The legal gambling age in Wyoming is 18. While 21 is the typical age limit for sports betting in the U.S., Wyoming also has 18 as the age limit for historical horse racing and the lottery.

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