Cripple Creek Wildwood Casino Winner Hits Over $100k At Blackjack

Written By Marian Rosin on 08/16/2022 - Last Updated on September 8, 2022
Wildwood Casino in Cripple Creek pays out on Buffalo Blackjack

A Buffalo Blackjack player at Wildwood Casino in Cripple Creek beat incredible odds to win big – $100,166 big!

It certainly proved to be worth the trip from his home in Kansas for the 32-year-old player named Brian. His progressive bet paid off when he was dealt a suited three-of-a-kind with three aces of spades hand.

Matt Andrighetti, Wildwood Casino’s general manager, has said the chances of getting that hand land at about 1 in 250,000.

While Brian didn’t comment on his big win, he did walk away “with a stack of cash and a check.” Andrighetti said the casino loves seeing players win big. He told Fox21news:

“When a player wins a big jackpot like this it sends a buzz of excitement throughout the casino. We love getting to see players from other tables and slots around the gaming floor share in the thrill of such a big moment.”

If only online casinos in Colorado offered real money winnings, we’d hear a lot more exciting stories like these.

Wildwood Casino slot machine players win big too

Brian’s win at the tail end of July was certainly big, but it’s still not the biggest win to ever happen at Wildwood Casino.

And here’s a wacky coincidence: Wildwood’s biggest jackpot winners have all hailed from Colorado Springs!

A Wheel of Fortune progressive slot player named Rebecca holds the record for both Wildwood Casino and the town of Cripple Creek with her $805,329 in jackpot winnings in 2017.

Megan won $568,319.45 on “The Hobbit” slot machine a little more than a year ago. And 52-year-old Todd took home $501,591 on Thanksgiving Day in 2017.

Meghan and her husband had been out for a mountain drive and decided to stop in at Wildwood. “I thought I broke the machine, to be honest,” she said after her big win.

She said the same thing to her spouse that night as the coins poured out of the slot. He replied that she had just won the jackpot. The couple planned to use their winnings to pay off bills — “nothing fun” except maybe a family cruise, Meghan said.

Rebecca, the top record-holder, has the kind of luck most people only dream of. Ten years earlier, she won $1 million playing Powerball. That time she beat odds of 1 in 11,688,054, or higher.

“I guess I’m just a lucky person,” she said at the time of her big slot win.

Rocky Mountain high: The highest casino with the highest winnings

Wildwood handed out $17 million more in jackpots in 2021 than in any previous year. And just this month, two winners took home around $50,000.

But Wildwood is not known just for these high jackpot wins; the casino calls itself “the highest casino in the world” because it’s located at 9,593 feet above sea level.

And, of course, the historic gold-mining town of Cripple Creek is itself famous for the enduring song of the same name by the Band.

Just last year, Wildwood opened the town’s newest hotel, Wildwood Hotel. It offers 101 rooms, up-to-date amenities, and convenient access to the gaming floor of the casino… and to the excitement when someone wins big.

Wildwood Casino in Cripple Creek changing to Golden Nugget

Wildwood Casino was recently purchased by Fertitta Entertainment and will join that company’s name brand, Golden Nugget.

Its new sportsbook partner, however, will not be affiliated with Golden Nugget. The new partner is “well-known,” according to Andrighetti, and the new sportsbook will join the roster of Colorado’s 26 sportsbooks, the most of any state in the US.

Fertitta owns many other businesses, including the Houston Rockets. Fertitta’s founder and sole owner, Tilman J. Fertitta, comes originally from Houston. Forbes has called him “the world’s richest restaurateur.”

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