MaximBet Sportsbook Colorado Promo Code for $1,000


MaximBet Colorado has a new welcome bonus that makes joining the online sportsbook more rewarding than ever before. Simply sign up at MaximBet and have your first deposit matched up to $1,000 in bet credits. In addition, MaximBet has great promotions running all year long that make earning more bet credits a breeze. 

Keep reading to find out everything that MaximBet Colorado has to offer. And that includes specials relating to our local teams like the Denver Broncos, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche and Colorado Rockies.

MaximBet Colorado promo code 2024

MaximBet has a stellar deposit bonus available when you sign up for a new MaximBet Colorado account and make a deposit. Your first deposit on the site will be matched 100% for up to $1,000 in bet credits. Keep reading to find out exactly how this welcome bonus works. 

Online SportsbookMaximBet Sportsbook Colorado
MaximBet Promo CodeNone
Deposit Bonus100% up to $1,000
Closing DateNovember 2022
Last UpdatedMay 2024

MaximBet Colorado welcome bonus — the fine print!

Let’s examine how the MaximBet CO deposit bonus works. To begin, get registered with MaximBet Sportsbook Colorado. Then make your first deposit. It can be whatever amount you want, but remember this offer only applies to your very first deposit on the site. MaximBet will match that deposit 100%, up to the maximum, with bet credits you can use on the site.

Playthrough requirement

You’ll need to meet a 1x playthrough requirement of the deposit plus the bonus amount to be able to withdraw any winnings resulting from the bonus credits. For comparison, some Colorado sportsbooks may require a playthrough rate of up to 25x to unlock bonus funds.

There are a few other terms to keep in mind:

  • You have one week from the time you receive your bonus to reach the playthrough requirement.
  • If you don’t get all the bets released or don’t use the bonus within those seven days, they will expire.
  • If you place wagers on both sides of a bet, those wagers will not qualify for the playthrough requirement.
  • bonus must be used on wagers with odds of -200 or longer.
  • bonus cannot be used on boosted odds bets.

How does MaximBet’s bonus compare to other Colorado sportsbooks?

MaximBet’s offer is great. While 100% deposit matches are somewhat common, the fact that you receive bonus credits as opposed to bonus is what really sets MaximBet apart from others. That means you can choose to spread your bet credits around. Place a few Denver Broncos bets, some Denver Nuggets bets, use some on the Colorado Avalanche and don’t forget about Colorado Rockies wagers as well. Let’s not forget that the 1x playthrough requirement is also about as good as it gets. Add it all up and MaximBet Colorado’s sign-up bonus worth up to $1,000 is simply great. And you don’t even need a MaximBet Colorado promo code to claim this offer.

Can I trust MaximBet Sportsbook?

Yes, MaximBet is licensed by the Colorado Division of Gaming, which oversees sports wagering in the state. If you experience any problems with MaximBet or any other sportsbooks in the Centennial State, you can contact the Division of Gaming by phone (303-205-1300) or email ([email protected]).

Colorado sports betting rules

To legally bet on sports in Colorado, you must be 21 or older and you also must be within the state when placing bets. Additionally, while you can bet on local college teams like Colorado, Colorado State and Air Force, the state does not allow college prop bets.

Getting started at MaximBet Colorado Sportsbook

To open a new MaximBet Colorado account, head to the sportsbook’s website and select “Join Now,” at which point you will need to enter the following personal details:

  • First and last name
  • Home address (does not need to be in Colorado)
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Birthday
  • Last four digits of Social Security number

You’ll also create a password and click a box confirming you are at least 21 years old. From beginning to end, signing up with MaximBet will take no more than a couple of minutes.

How do I download the MaximBet app?

The MaximBet sportsbook app is available for iOS and Android devices. To download it, head to the MaximBet website’s app page and select either “Download for Apple” or “Download APK” if you’re on an Android device. Then follow any additional instructions to complete the installation.

Where do I find MaximBet promotions?

You can see all the live promotions at MaximBet by clicking on the promotions tab. On the app it’s located under the main menu, which you can access by tapping the three bars at the top left of the screen. On the MaximBet sports betting website, it’s also located near the top left of the screen, this time below the help button.

What kind of promotions does MaximBet offer?

MaximBet’s promotions include free contests that can provide bonus. Note, however, that these can be somewhat misleading. For instance, during the 2021 NHL playoffs, MaximBet had a standing offer that read “1. Place a bet of $20 or more on the match winner market. 2. We’ll bonus you $10 for every goal your team nets. 3. Only on pre-selected hockey games.”

However, if you scroll down to the terms and conditions, you’ll see that you receive the bonus money only if the team you bet on loses the game. Additionally, the bonus funds are capped at $50. While it’s a solid bonus offer overall, we just wish MaximBet would make it clear that either win your bet or are eligible for the bonus funds, but not both.

On the plus side, you do not need to opt in to MaximBet’s bonus offers to qualify for them. Instead, you simply need to follow the rules outlined in each promo.

MaximBet odds boosts

MaximBet also has daily odds boosts, which you can find by selecting the odds boost button near the top of the page. Depending on the time of year, you will find boosts for that day’s games and also for futures bets.

For example, prior to the 2021-22 NFL season, you could find the odds boosted for different teams to win Super Bowl LVI. And these were some pretty heavy increases: The Cleveland Browns odds jumped from +1,200 all the way to +2,000, and the New England Patriots saw their odds go from +2,200 to +3,500. MaximBet usually caps its odds boosts at either $25 or $50.

What won’t I like about the MaximBet Sportsbook app?

There also are some areas where MaximBet could stand to improve, starting with these:

  • Misleading promos: Promotions at sportsbooks can often be slightly confusing, but a few of the ones at MaximBet don’t tell you up front that your bet must lose to be eligible for the bonus offer. While the offers are often quite solid, it would be nice if they were clearer.
  • Lack of prop options: It’s also a little bit of a letdown to see the lack of prop bets for a number of sports. For instance, you may not see any player props for MLB games at MaximBet. And while you will find player props for NBA games, the options may be just a couple of players on each team.
  • No rewards club: No matter how many days in a row you bet or how much money you wager, at the moment MaximBet doesn’t offer any rewards. We’d like to see this change in the future.

What kind of bets can I make at MaximBet sports betting?

At MaximBet you can place spread, moneyline, total and prop bets for most major pro and college games, along with parlays and round robins to combine multiple wagers. You also will find futures betting options and live betting. Here is what the odds will look like for most games, followed by an overview of how the various bets work.

Denver Broncos+3.5 (-114)+170Over 49.5 (-111)
Kansas City Chiefs-3.5 (-105)-192Under 49.5 (-109)

What is the moneyline?

The moneyline shows the odds for each team to win. In this example the Chiefs are the favorites. You can tell this because they have a negative moneyline number. Odds of -192 mean you would need to bet $192 to win $100 if successful. As for Denver, odds of +170 mean that if you bet $100, you’d make a $170 profit if the Broncos pull off the upset.

Point spread betting

Point spreads are a sportsbook’s way of evening the playing field. For your spread bets to win, your selected team must cover the line that the sportsbook has set. With a line of +3.5, the Broncos can cover by winning by any score or losing by three or fewer. For the Chiefs to cover, they need to win by four points or greater.

The number next to the spread is the odds for that particular bet, and they work just like the moneyline numbers. Though for spread bets, the odds will be in the vicinity of -110 for both sides.

What it means to bet on the total

Totals wagers can be a good choice if you don’t have a good feeling about who is going to win. That’s because the total, also called the over/under, is a wager on how many points both teams will combine to score in the game, regardless of which team wins. This game has a total of 49.5, so if the final was 24-23, you would win if you’d bet on the under.

What are prop bets?

Props are bets on if specific events will happen during games. For the game above, here are some possible prop bets: Will the Broncos score in every quarter? Will Courtland Sutton score the game’s first touchdown? Will the second half be the highest scoring half?

Parlays and round robins at MaximBet

Parlays allow you to combine two or more bets into one to get increased odds. With each added bet, your potential winnings will climb, but so will the risk. If you get any of the individual selections wrong, you win nothing.

Round robins on the other hand require making no fewer than three individual bets, but missing one doesn’t destroy your entire wager. For instance, you could pick five games and then choose what’s listed at MaximBet as “RR — 3’s x 10.” This means you’ll be placing 10 three-leg parlays based on your picks. If two of your selections are wrong, you’ll still win some money. If all five are correct, you’ll end up winning all 10 of your parlays.

What is a futures bet?

A futures bet is a wager on an event that won’t be settled for weeks or months. If you bet on the Broncos to win the Super Bowl prior to the season starting, that would be a futures bet. Another example would be betting on a specific player to win the MVP award.

Live betting

With live betting, you get the chance to bet on games as they are happening. At MaximBet just click the “Live” tab and all the current games that you can wager on will display. If you click on one, you’ll see the available live wagers. The odds for live bets will change rapidly based on what’s happening in the game.

Can I bet on the Nuggets at MaximBet?

Yes, you can bet on the Denver Nuggets and the rest of the NBA at MaximBet. All of the bets we went over above will be available, as well as the following options:

  • Team totals: While you can bet a game’s overall total, MaximBet also offers wagers for team totals. If you think the Nuggets are going to shut down the other team’s offense, you can bet on the under for that specific team.
  • Combo bets: MaximBet has a handful of what basically are two-leg parlays for many basketball games. For instance, you might see a bet that reads “Nuggets to win and Jamal Murray to score over 30.5 points.”
  • Points + rebounds + assists: MaximBet will provide a number — 51.5, for example — and you will bet whether a specific player — Nikola Jokić, for instance — will compile points, rebounds and assists totaling more or less than that number.
  • Odd or even: Place a bet on whether the final score will end up being odd or even. If there’s ever been a bet that was a coin flip, this is it.
  • Winning margins: The team you bet on needs to win by a set amount. At MaximBet, you could bet on the Nuggets to win by between 9 and 12 points, for example.

How do I get money on (and off!) MaximBet Sportsbook quickly?

As of right now, you have three options for depositing money into your MaximBet Sportsbook account and two choices for cashing out. There are no in-person options at the moment.


Deposit MethodMinimum AmountProcessing Time
Visa or Mastercard Debit/Credit Card$10Instant
(Online Bank Transfer)


Deposit MethodMinimum AmountProcessing Time
Skrill$101-5 Days
(Online Bank Transfer)
$101-5 Days

How do I get help at MaximBet Sportsbook?

You have a few options for getting help at MaximBet. We suggest clicking on the “24×7 Chat” button to start with. Next you can decide whether you want to request a callback, have a live chat or leave a message. You also can click on your account and then “FAQs” to attempt to solve the problem on your own.

How do I exclude myself from MaximBet?

To exclude yourself or set limits at MaximBet, you must first be logged in to your account. Next, select “My Account” and choose “Limits & Responsible Gaming.”

At the top, you can set restrictions for how much money you can deposit in a day, week or month. Next you can restrict how much you can wager in a day/week/month. You can also limit how much time you can be logged into MaximBet each day.

You can also suspend your account for up to six weeks by taking a play break. Finally, at the bottom is self-exclusion, where you can close your account for six months or one to five years. Once you do this, you will not be able to cancel the exclusion timeframe.

Can I bet with MaximBet Sportsbook in person?

No, MaximBet does not have a retail sportsbook in Colorado as of yet. MaximBet’s land-based casino partner is Johnny Nolon’s Casino in Cripple Creek, but it does not have a sportsbook on the premises.

  • Address: 301 E. Bennett Ave., Cripple Creek, CO
  • Phone: 719-689-2080
  • Website:

How does MaximBet compare to other Colorado sportsbooks?

Taking everything into account, MaximBet ranks solidly in the middle of online sportsbooks in the Centennial State. While it may be a bit shy of DraftKings, BetMGM, PointsBet or FanDuel, it still is one of the better options out there.

If you’re planning to have multiple sportsbook accounts to benefit from the promotions that each one has to offer, then MaximBet is a quality selection. In addition, this lets you compare odds for any bets you want to place.

MaximBet FAQ

What is the MaximBet welcome bonus?

When you sign up with MaximBet Colorado you’ll receive up to $1,000 in bonus credits. The amount you get is 100% of your first deposit, up to the max.

Can I bet on the University of Colorado and Colorado State at MaximBet?

Yes, Colorado allows you to wager on in-state college teams.

Does MaximBet charge fees for withdrawals?

No, MaximBet doesn’t charge fees for either of its withdrawal methods (Skrill and Mazooma).

Do you have to live in Colorado to bet on sports at MaximBet?

No, you do not need to reside in Colorado to bet on sports in the state. However, you must be within state lines when placing wagers.

How does MaximBet compare to PointsBet?

While both are quality online sportsbooks, PointsBet has a lot more wagering options than you will find at MaximBet. At PointsBet you can try PointsBetting and single-game parlays. However, PointsBet’s odds are not always the best when it comes to prop betting, so MaximBet does have a slight edge in that regard.

Do I have to go to Johnny Nolon’s Casino to sign up with MaximBet?

No. If you’re 21 or older, you can register and do all your betting and account management using either the MaximBet app or website.

Who owns MaximBet?

MaximBet is owned by Maxim and the Carousel Group. Maxim is a multimedia corporation that is best known for its monthly men’s magazine. The Carousel Group, meanwhile, is a gambling company that launched in 2017. In April 2021, the companies announced that Carousel’s would rebrand as MaximBet.