theScore Sportsbook Review & Promo Code

Canadian-based theScore Bet launched its Colorado sports betting app in 2020. The mobile-first betting site combines a comprehensive wagering platform with sports news media. And if you join theScore Bet now, you’ll be eligible for a bonus first bet along with a deposit match bonus.

Best Colorado sportsbook offers

The sportsbook has made its name through its app, which provides breaking sports news, betting odds and alerts. The folks at theScore have partnered up with some big names in the industry to deliver a top-notch online sportsbook. The Gilpin Casino in Black Hawk is theScore’s land-based sports betting partner. It also has struck a deal to work with Bet.Works to provide an online sports betting platform. TheScore Bet is entering a very competitive sports betting market in Colorado, with over a dozen sports betting sites currently operating.

In this review, we will dive into what theScore’s online sports betting site offers to Colorado players. We will explore the content, the betting opportunities and the user experience to determine if this is a sportsbook worthy of your time. And we will take you through the registration process and how the offers and bonuses work.

Why choose theScore Bet?

  • bonus initial bet and a first-deposit match bonus.
  • App combines theScore Bet and sports media.
  • Bet on all Colorado pro and college teams.

TheScore Bet welcome bonus in Colorado

TheScore Bet starts you off with a bonus first bet up to $500. This means that if your first bet doesn’t come through, you will receive a bonus in the form of 100% of your bet, up to $500. Additionally, when you fund your account for the first time, you’ll be eligible for a deposit match bonus up to $1,000.

Once you have an account with theScore Bet, you can place your first wager, and if it doesn’t land, that’s when you’ll get the bet amount back. Note that this offer covers just single bets and live bets, so no parlays or other special bets. Another thing to note is that the bet that matters is the one that settles first, not the first bet you place.

TheScore Bet promotions in Colorado

TheScore understands the importance of keeping the fun level high in sports betting. The sportsbook is not shy when it comes to running promotions and bonuses. It’s not every day that there is a popular game on, and for that reason, sportsbooks will run multiple promotions designed to pump up the sports betting fun.

TheScore Bet is running a promotion for parlays of four-plus legs. If you bet $20 or more, you will get a free $10 bet. You will need to make at least four selections for your parlay to be eligible for this offer.

TheScore regularly updates its promotional offers so there is always something new around the corner. It’s important to make sure you fully understand the mechanics of each promotion, so you know how to get the value from the offer. If you sign up to theScore, you can opt in to receive regular promotional offers, allowing you to stay up to date with the latest promotions.

Is theScore Bet legal in Colorado?

Yes, theScore has gained approval for sports wagering in the state of Colorado and launched in early September. The Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission commenced regulation of online sports betting activity in May 2020. As a result, Score Digital Sports Ventures Inc. is able to engage in web and mobile sports betting activities. TheScore has partnered with The Gilpin Casino in Black Hawk as its land-based casino counterpart.

How to create an account at theScore Bet in Colorado

To get started with theScore Bet, you will first need to download the app. Once you have that, you can open it and create an account. TheScore Bet’s website will have links to download the app for Android or Apple. The sportsbook is available only as an app, so you will not be able to create an account through the website.

Once you have opened the app, you can hit the sign-up button, and this will take you through the registration process.

  1. First, download theScore app for iOS or Android, using one of the links from the website as described above.
  2. Enter your email address, create a password and input the remaining personal information.
  3. You will then need to enter the last four digits of your Social Security number and check your email for a verification code.
  4. Sign in to your account, enter the verification code and complete the verification process using a government-issued ID.
  5. Take a picture of your ID and take a picture of your face for verification.

Once you have followed those steps, you will be ready to make your first sports bet on theScore Bet’s app. You can take your sports betting wherever you go and enjoy an easy and pain-free experience.

TheScore Bet app

TheScore Bet is available exclusively via app; there is no website on which to place sports bets. Because of this, theScore has put a lot of work into its mobile product. When you go to download the app, if you are using an Android, you may be prompted with a notification about the download being unsafe, but the app is safe, so you can proceed and download it to your device.

Once you have the app downloaded, you can sign up for an account and start enjoying all that the sportsbook has to offer. As theScore Bet is strictly mobile, it has put a lot of time into developing an intuitive and efficient betting app that makes it a breeze to place bets wherever you are.

The app has been developed to put everything at your fingertips. You can move through the sporting events and betting markets with little effort and get your bets placed in no time. Although there is a lot going on with the sportsbook app, it doesn’t feel congested or forced. The presentation makes this pocket-friendly sports betting brand a solid choice for mobile betting.

Features and benefits at theScore Bet

Here are some of our favorite things about theScore sportsbook in Colorado:

  • Straight from sign-up, you can enjoy some balance-boosting offers, including a bonus bet up to $500.
  • The app provides one of the most intuitive and fluid mobile betting experiences, making it a breeze to place bets while out and about. Additionally, the app makes parlay betting easy.
  • TheScore Bet is more than just a sportsbook. It was first a sports media news site that provides the latest sports information, so you can stay up to date and use the information to help you pick your bets.

How could theScore improve?

TheScore is a fine sportsbook choice for people who want to bet in Colorado. However, there is always room for improvement. Here are a few things we would think about:

  • The fact that it’s a mobile-only betting site kind of feels limiting. Although everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, some people may prefer to spend time creating bets, which you can do more efficiently on a desktop or laptop. We think a dedicated website would please a lot of players and provide another convenient betting option.
  • TheScore made its name in the media world and has been the port of call for sports news for many dedicated fans. We feel it could potentially provide a stronger link between the sports betting markets and the latest sports news, allowing users to view updates that may have an impact on their bets.

Types of bets at theScore Bet

If you’re new to the game of sports betting and need a bit of knowledge, you’re in luck. Here are the various betting options you have and how they work.

Let’s start with the moneyline bets. These are your straight winners and one of the most common bets. You’re simply picking a team that you believe will win. If the team you picked is a clear favorite, then the return will be a lot less than that of an underdog winning. Each team will have its odds displayed as a three-digit number. If the number is positive, then that team is the favorite to win; if it is a negative number, then that team is the underdog.

Point spread wagers are common bets in U.S. sportsbooks. With a point spread, your wager will include an estimated margin of victory set by the sportsbook. If you pick the favorite, that team will need to win by more points than the number next to the pick. If you pick the underdog, that team must win outright or lose by fewer points than the number listed next to the pick.

Over/under betting is also referred to as totals. This is where you wager on the combined points from both teams in a game. The sportsbook will set a number, and you can place a bet on whether the score of that game will be higher or lower.

Prop bets are wagers that don’t relate to the final score of the game, but rather are about individual events that take place during it. Here are some examples of prop bets:

  • Who will score the first touchdown of an NFL game?
  • Will a specific player homer during an MLB game?
  • Will a specific player record a triple-double during an NBA game?

Futures betting is another wildly popular bet type. This is where you place a bet on a long-term outcome, like a team winning a championship or if a team will win more or fewer than a set number of games.

Parlays are when you combine two or more wagers to increase the win potential. You must get all of your picks correct for the parlay to win. The bigger your parlay, the bigger the win. However, the more bets you pick, the longer the odds of the bet coming through.

Sports you can bet on at theScore in Colorado

TheScore Bet in Colorado covers some good ground when it comes to wagering on sports. You can place wagers on all the major U.S. sports leagues, including the likes of the NFL, NCAA football, the NBA, NCAA basketball, MLB and the NHL. You also can bet on international sports and additional betting markets like the UFCPGA, NASCAR and Formula One auto racing, MLS and English Premier League soccer, and ATP and WTA tennis.

Colorado sports teams you can bet on

If you live in Colorado, then you’ll probably support some of the local sports teams. If you’re not as well-versed in Colorado sports, then not to worry, we’ve provided a breakdown below.

  • The Denver Nuggets are Colorado’s NBA representative, playing in the league’s Western Conference.
  • The Denver Broncos play in the NFL in the AFC West. The Broncos have won three Super Bowls, most recently in 2016.
  • The Colorado Avalanche are the state’s NHL representative. The Denver-based team has won the conference championship twice in its history and went on to win the Stanley Cup on both occasions.
  • The Colorado Rockies are the state’s professional baseball team, also based in Denver. The team advanced to the 2007 World Series, although it didn’t win, and that’s been the high-water mark.

Colorado futures betting

If you like to place futures bets, you have plenty of options. You can back one of the local Colorado teams or any other option from any of the big betting markets.

  • In the NBA, you can lay down a future bet on the Denver Nuggets or one of the other teams to win the NBA Finals. You can also take your pick on who you think will win the MVP award.
  • In the NFL, you can back the Denver Broncos to win the Super Bowl. You also have the option to place a wager on the AFC and NFC winners and division champions, not to mention the MVP.
  • If you’re a fan of the NHL, then you can stick a wager on the Colorado Avalanche to hoist the Stanley Cup or top their division. What’s more, the regular and postseason MVP awards are also available as futures bets.
  • In Major League Baseball, you can back the Colorado Rockies to win the World Series or wager on the AL and NL MVP winners.

If you prefer the college sports scene, you’ll still have a fair amount of choice. You can place a futures bet on college leagues and back a local squad like the Colorado Buffaloes football team or Colorado State Rams or Denver Pioneers in basketball.

Banking options

There are several ways to load money into your sports betting account. You can make instant deposits through a number of payment methods:

  • Play+ account
  • Visa or Mastercard credit card
  • E-check (ACH)

When it comes to taking out your winnings, you have several withdrawal options. However, cashing out is not instant like with deposits.

  • Play+ account
  • Bank transfer
  • Pick up cash at The Gilpin Casino

Customer support

There are multiple choices for contacting theScore’s customer service team:

  • You can call 855-916-0077.
  • You can email [email protected].
  • You can consult the FAQs on the support page.
  • You can have a live chat by scrolling to the bottom of the app.

Responsible gambling at theScore Bet

TheScore takes responsible gambling seriously, with a dedicated area for anyone to use. The help center’s Patron Protection and Responsible Gaming area include information regarding:

  • How to play responsibly
  • Notifications and restrictions
  • Account security

Where is theScore’s retail sportsbook?

TheScore made a deal with The Gilpin Casino in Black Hawk, with a 10-year agreement to be its retail-based betting partner.

Gilpin Casino Black Hawk

  • Address: 111 Main St,, Black Hawk, Colorado
  • Phone: 303-582-1133
  • Website:

Is theScore the best sportsbook in Colorado?

TheScore had already made its brand name in the world of sports media, which has given it a boost into the sports betting industry. While the brand has a huge fan following, the sportsbook is available only as an app. While this can be limiting, it also means that all of theScore’s focus is on the app.