Place Your Bets: Colorado Rockies Opening Day Is Finally Here

Written By Ian St. Clair on 07/24/2020 - Last Updated on June 3, 2021

Few sporting events match Major League Baseball Opening Day.

So, of course, in 2020, it’s even more unique. What typically happens at the end of March or beginning of April is now — finally — happening in late July.

It’s been a crazy and unforgettable four months.

Regardless of how we got here, the Colorado Rockies are set to begin their season today at the Texas Rangers. Yes, the games and the season will look a little different, but it’s still baseball.

In terms of the Colorado sports betting market, it’s the first chance for Rockies fans to experience MLB betting in Colorado since the launch on May 1.

Rockies vs. Rangers Opening Day odds

When Nolan Arenado and company open their season today, they’ll do so as a slight underdog on DraftKings Colorado and a slight favorite on FanDuel CO.

Rockies vs Rangers odds DraftKings FanDuel
SpreadRockies +170
Rangers -210
Rockies -200
Rangers +168
Moneyline Rockies -103
Rangers -113
Rockies -108
Rangers -108
Total runs Over 9 +100
Under 9 -121
Over 8.5 -118
Under 8.5 -104

The various sportsbooks in Colorado also have player propositions (prop), game props and innings props.

MLB Opening Day is also the first opportunity for CO Rockies fans to partake in live sports betting in Colorado. In-game betting is quite the experience and gives fans a way to bet while they watch.

Similar to betting on games before they happen, with live betting, you have moneylines, point spread betting and prop bets.

With the Rockies, at the end of each inning, Colorado sportsbooks will release new moneyline, point spreads and props.

The other big difference is, unlike regular betting odds that don’t fluctuate, in-play odds come and go quickly, so you have to make quick decisions before they’re gone.

Colorado Rockies odds

As for the season, the Rockies remain a long shot in the National League West, the NL and the World Series.

Colorado Rockies odds DraftKings FanDuel
NL West winner Dodgers -500
Padres +550
Rockies +1,000
DBacks +1,400
Giants +8,000
Dodgers -420
Padres +600
Rockies +900
DBacks +1,500
Giants +6,000
NL winner — Top five followed by Rockies Dodgers +180
Braves +600
Nationals +900
Cubs +1,000
Mets +1,000
Reds +1,200
Cardinals +1,200
Rockies +4,000
Dodgers +180
Braves +650
Cubs +1,000
Nationals +1,00
Reds +1,200
Mets +1,200
Cardinals +1,300
Rockies +3,800
World Series winner — Top five followed by Rockies Dodgers +390
Yankees +390
Astros +1,100
Braves +1,300
Twins +1,500
Rays +1,700
Rockies +7,000
Dodgers +400
Yankees +400
Astros +1,100
Braves +1,300
Twins +1,400
Rays +1,500
Rockies +6,500

Opening Day promos and odds boosts

Now that MLB Opening Day is here, the various sportsbooks and online betting apps have offers to entice fans to use them.

Fox Bet

In celebration for the return of MLB, Fox Bet CO is offering $50 free to existing and new Colorado sports bettors until July 24. Furthermore, you can receive another $5 free for each run your team scores on Opening Day.

Here are the details:

  • Bet $5 on your favorite single MLB team’s opening game (either point spread or moneyline market) with a minimum of -200 odds (no opt-in necessary).
  • Must be one cumulative bet to qualify; the first placed bet qualifies your team.
  • Your bonus will be credited within 48 hours. You can use your bonus up to seven days.


DraftKings CO is offering a “Localized HR Boost” to CO baseball bettors until Saturday, July 25. To qualify, opt in and place at least a $25 single moneyline bet on either team.

Here are the games that are eligible for this promotion:

  • Atlanta Braves versus New York Mets (July 24-26)
  • Colorado Rockies versus Texas Rangers (July 24-26)
  • Detroit Tigers versus Cincinnati Reds (July 24-26)
  • Miami Marlins versus Philadelphia Phillies (July 24-26)
  • Milwaukee Brewers versus Chicago Cubs (July 24-26)
  • Minnesota Twins versus Chicago White Sox (July 24-26)
  • New York Yankees versus Washington Nationals (July 23-26)
  • Pittsburgh Pirates versus St. Louis Cardinals (July 24-26)

For every home run that your team’s players score, you’ll receive $5 in bonus. For example, if your team hits three home runs, you’ll receive $15 in bonus.

Here are the details:

  • This bet excludes live bets, parlays, cash-out bets, bonus, voided bets and odds boosts. The bonus will be issued by 11:59 p.m. EST on the next business day.
  • One qualifying bet per user per game.


FanDuel CO Sportsbook is offering Colorado wagerers 24 hours of bonus betting, up to $100. For example, if you wager $100 and lose, then wager $300 and net a profit, you will not receive the $100 voucher.

However, for new FanDuel customers, a first bet will trigger a bonus $500 bet. It will also begin the daily clock for the $100 bonus bet. If you end up negative, you will receive up to $100 back in vouchers, in addition to the $500 bonus bet if you lost your first wager.

Expanded MLB playoffs could help Rockies

What definitely helps Colorado’s chances is the expansion of the MLB playoffs.

For the 2020 season only, both leagues will have eight teams, 16 total, for the postseason. That’s a jump from the usual 10.

Here’s how it works:

  • Division winners
  • Division second-place finishers
  • Two wild card teams

Here are some other rule changes you will see in this shotgun season, starting today (July 24):

  • A universal designated hitter.
  • Teams will open the season with a 30-man active roster; it will be reduced to 28 players after two weeks, then to 26 after four weeks.
  • The trade deadline will be Aug. 31.
  • Teams will be permitted to carry up to three taxi-squad players on the road during the season, though if a team carries three such players, one must be a catcher.
  • During extra-inning games in the regular season, each half-inning will begin with a runner on second base. The batter who made the final out in the previous inning (or a pinch-runner for that batter) would be that runner.

Unique MLB season and Opening Day

Since 2020 is the year for unique and weird, why not make the most of it?

As for the argument that 60 games isn’t enough to crown a “real” champion, Arenado said:

“This is what it is this year. If we have a chance to get to the World Series and playoffs, I’m all about it. It counts and I want to win. The goal is always to win, and there’s a chance to win a World Series, so that should always be the goal.”

It’s been a remarkable ride, but Opening Day has finally arrived.

Play ball!

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