BetRivers Adds To Esports Betting Buffet With Markets On NBA 2K League Events

Written By Derek Helling on 05/22/2020 - Last Updated on July 8, 2022
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The BetRivers Colorado sportsbook offers a great selection of events for esports betting enthusiasts, such as the Call of Duty League and League of Legends’ NA LCS. It recently added to that menu with markets on NBA 2K League contests.

To date, BetRivers in Colorado is the only place where you can legally wager on contests played by NBA 2K League teams. In the absence of traditional NBA games, it can be a great replacement for basketball bettors.

Why esports betting is popular right now

As traditional sports in North America continue to try to work back to play, esports have thrived in that void. Legal sports betting in Colorado is in a great position, as well.

Colorado’s regulatory structure allows for CO sportsbooks to take bets on a lot of different esports competitions. Several other states ban them completely.

Just like with traditional sports, you can bet on moneylines, props, spreads and totals for esports. Successfully doing so requires knowledge of the gamers, leagues and teams, but that’s — again — no different from traditional sports.

The NBA 2K League is relatively new in comparison to other esports leagues, although the game it’s built off of is a legend. In its third season, it’s set to gain a larger following.

What is the NBA 2K League?

The NBA 2K League is a professional competitive gaming league built around a special edition of the popular NBA 2K video game. Like the traditional NBA, there are teams who draft players to compete against other teams.

The league has 23 teams, 22 of which call traditional NBA teams their owners. The Denver Nuggets do not sponsor an NBA 2K League franchise right now.

Although the teams play a more difficult version of NBA 2K called the “league build,” where they don’t play as NBA players. Instead, they play as their custom avatars.

The league is currently in the third week of its third season. The league planned to play this year’s games in its new studio in New York City, but COVID-19 concerns made the league decide to hold games on a remote basis instead.

As long as remote play continues, teams will play the best-of-three-games series. Although the league announced that format for the first six weeks of Season Three, it may continue past that point.

You can catch NBA 2K League games streaming live for free on the league’s Twitch and YouTube Gaming channels. ESPN2 has also been broadcasting contests.

How to bet on NBA 2K League contests at BetRivers CO

A great place to get information vital to handicapping NBA 2K League events is Dimer2K. People who work in the league offer expert analysis and insider information there.

BetRivers welcomes several kinds of wagers on NBA 2K League games. As you’d expect with a video game built to stimulate basketball, the markets include spreads, straights and totals. Here’s an example:

Today 5:00 P.M.
SpreadWin (Best 3)Total points
Knicks Gaming+3.5
Heat Check Gaming-3.5

All these markets are for the individual games in the series. BetRivers will update the markets as the series goes into the second and potential third games.

BetRivers also offers prop bets for each game in terms of halftime spreads and totals. Again, BetRivers posts these lines for each individual game of the series. Here’s an example of a half market:

Half Time
Total Points - 1st Half
Over 67.5 -125Under 67.5 -118
Spread - 1st Half
Warriors Gaming Squad +1.5 -15076ers GC -1.5 +104

Finally, BetRivers allows you to wager on which team will win the matchup by taking two of the three games. An example of a market of that type is below:

Other bets
Matchup WinnerBest of 3 Games
Grizz Gaming +1000Kings Guard Gaming -5000

Colorado offers the most diverse esports betting menu in the country right now. NBA 2K League markets are a great addition to that and can help basketball bettors enjoy some hardwood action right now, even though it’s virtual.

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