BetMonarch App Review

As the online axis of Colorado’s Monarch Casino Resort Spa, BetMonarch Sports app is a homegrown online betting product for Colorado sports fans.

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What’s unique about this app is that there are intimate links between what happens online and offline.

Basically, from the way you earn rewards to the interactions you can have with BetMonarch’s team of experts, there’s an intimacy with this app you won’t find elsewhere.

BetMonarch sportsbook bonus

BetMonarch Sports is something of a unique proposition in the online betting scene. That’s not to say it doesn’t follow many of the industry’s conventions; it does. However, in other ways, it charts a different course from its peers. What we mean by this is that BetMonarch’s much more of an accompaniment to the operator’s retail sportsbook than other betting apps.

Other Colorado sportsbook operators tend to be separate from their brick-and-mortar counterparts. For example, FOX Bet and its online partner The Stars Group have a deal with Caesars Entertainment. However, what you’ll find is that the FOX Bet app doesn’t have many obvious ties to Caesars casinos like Isle Black Hawk and Lady Luck.

BetMonarch is different. Instead of operating autonomously, it works in unison with Monarch Casino Resort Spa. In essence, the live sports betting experience inside Monarch Casino is enhanced by the app. We’ll go into more detail on how it does this later in our BetMonarch Sports review. However, for now, it’s important to understand that the way it works is slightly different from the norm. As such, it doesn’t have a standard welcome bonus.

While FOX Bet et al. are trying to attract customers on their own, BetMonarch is more intimately linked with its land-based partner. Therefore, it can build on existing ideas, innovations, and offers to attract customers. It also means it doesn’t need a huge welcome bonus to pique your interest. Of course, it’s never a bad idea to give new customers some added value. However, from our research, it seems that this isn’t a priority for BetMonarch Sports right now.

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Other BetMonarch promotions and bonus offers

Just because BetMonarch Sports doesn’t have a welcome bonus, that doesn’t mean it’s devoid of bonuses altogether. As we’ve said, this app is an accompaniment to the sportsbook inside Monarch Casino Resort Spa. Because of that, you’ll plug into the casino’s rewards system when you download the app.

You can download a separate app known as Monarch Rewards to track your progress, check out the latest offers, and view your loyalty statements. However, you don’t have to. You do, however, need to enroll in the rewards program.

To do that, you have to pay a visit to Monarch Casino Resort Spa. Online enrollment may be possible in the future, but right now you can only do it in person. Once you’re enrolled, you can start earning tier points and comp points each time you bet on sports.

Tier points determine your VIP status:

  • Monarch = 0 points
  • Ruby = 250+ points
  • Emerald = 1,500+ points
  • Sapphire = 7,500+ points
  • Royal Diamond = 15,000+ points
  • Black Diamond = Invite only

At the time of writing, the operator hadn’t specified how bets translate into points. What we do know is that a $1 bet on slots or video poker will earn you one point. Based on that, we’d say the same rule will apply to sports betting. Thus, you’ll need to wager a cumulative $250 to reach Ruby status, $1,500 to become an Emerald VIP, and so on.

Climb the loyalty ladder for more rewards

As you climb the loyalty ladder, the comps improve. What’s more, you’ll be able to convert comp points into cash. You can use comp cash inside all Monarch-owned properties, including Monarch Casino Resort Spa in Colorado. Every $1 in comp cash is worth $1 when you spend it inside associated outlets and hotels. $1 in comp cash is worth $0.50 if you want to use it as a free play token.

In tandem with comp cash, improving your VIP status will unlock a host of additional gifts and benefits. Some of the best benefits are:

  • Free play credits
  • Complimentary drinks at Monarch Casino Resort Spa
  • Buffet discounts
  • Preferred room reservations
  • Free event tickets, travel, and accommodation
  • Use of the VIP lounge

We’ll admit, the promotions at BetMonarch are different from what you’ll find at most online sportsbooks. If you’re more comfortable with reload bonuses, odds boosts, and cashback offers, you might want to check out some of the other online sportsbooks we recommend. If, however, you want a rewards system that not only gives you the chance to earn points online and offline but pick up bonuses you can use in all settings, BetMonarch’s system is perfect.

Is BetMonarch Sports legal in Colorado?

Yes. BetMonarch Sports is part of Monarch Casino Resort Spa, a fully licensed betting and gambling venue in Colorado. Between this and a license to offer online sports betting options, BetMonarch is fully legal to anyone in Colorado. To use the app, you need to be located in Colorado and be 21 or older.

BetMonarch features

BetMonarch Sports is an online accompaniment to Monarch Casino Resort Spa’s sportsbook. The app itself is powered by Stadium Technology Group LLC. This is the same software company that manages the sportsbook apps for Circa Sports, SouthPoint Sports and other US operators. This means you’ll have access to well-crafted, slick and fully compliant software when you download the BetMonarch app.

However, in much the same way the rewards system is a live/online hybrid, the same goes for the inner workings of the app. Yes, Stadium Technology created the software. But the daily running of the app and its odds are managed by Monarch Casino Resort Spa. Instead of leaving the operational nuances to an offsite team, Monarch has chosen to do almost everything in-house.

BetMonarch has the power

This strategy has a number of advantages. Firstly, it allows BetMonarch Sports to set its own lines and, thus, not be dictated to by an outside network. The upshot of having control over the odds means BetMonarch can compete with its peers, even the big names like DraftKings, when it comes to value.

Secondly, by having more control over its daily betting lines, BetMonarch can give customers personalized service. For example, if you’re a high roller and want to wager more than the maximum on a certain event, BetMonarch has the ability to authorize such a request.

Finally, you know there will always be help and support on hand when you need it. At the time of writing this BetMonarch Sports review, Nick Epstein was the man in charge. As the sportsbook manager, Epstein said he’ll be on hand to meet, greet and assist customers via email and phone, and on-site.

“Most sportsbooks are managed abroad. Local management increases the fluidity and quality of the betting experience for Monarch guests. I look forward to meeting all of our sportsbook guests,” Epstein said.

BetMonarch sportsbook app

The Stadium Technology Group is known for creating efficient and easy-to-use sports betting apps. For BetMonarch, the company’s familiar white and orange color scheme is used throughout, and each page features just the bare essentials. Across the top of the screen you’ll see a swipe-through menu of sports. For some added clarity, each option features an image associated with that sport.

The center of the page contains a table of odds. Again, you won’t find any superfluous information. You’ll see the event participants, the headline odds (usually a moneyline bet), and a link to more betting lines. To place a bet, you simply tap the odds you want. This adds the wager to your bet slip, which you can call up at any time by hitting a button at the bottom of the screen.

Inside the bet slip, you can enter your stake, confirm the bet and wait. That’s all there is to it. From start to finish, it takes no more than a few seconds to place a bet because the BetMonarch app isn’t stuffed with unnecessary features. This makes it perfect for all types of bets, particularly in-play ones, because you can take advantage of the best odds before they change.

To download and use the BetMonarch app (iOS and Android), you’ll need to be located in Colorado. The software comes complete with geolocation technology, which you must activate in order to use the app. If you prevent the software from determining your location, it won’t be possible to log in and place a bet. Additionally, it’s important to note that you’ll have to be at least 21 years old to use the BetMonarch Sports app.

Types of bets available at BetMonarch Sports

BetMonarch Sports will offer the following pre-event and in-play bets on sports from around the world:

If you take a trip to Monarch Casino Resort Spa, the minimum bet is $5, and the sportsbook will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. MT. If you place a bet via the BetMonarch sports betting app, the minimum stake is $1, and there will be odds available 24/7.

One particular selling point we picked up on during this BetMonarch Sports review was the fact that patrons of the casino can access exclusive offers. We already know that the betting lines will be controlled by a team of in-house experts. As such, BetMonarch has the power to offer better odds than its rivals.

For example, the team is pushing baseball as one of its specialties. At the time of writing, it offered “industry leading” eight-cent moneylines and 16-cent run lines. To add even more value to the mix, there are opportunities to buy points. For a small fee (usually 10% per half-point), you can move the betting line. BetMonarch Sports will allow you to buy up to two full points on certain football and basketball bets.

Sports betting options at BetMonarch Sports in Colorado

When you join BetMonarch Sports, you’ll be able to speculate on the following sports via the app or in person at Monarch Casino Resort Spa:

Banking at BetMonarch sportsbook

BetMonarch Sports is still finding its feet in the payment department. Security is a priority, and your funds will always be stored in protected bank accounts. To ensure everything is safe, the current list of payment options is small.

To make deposits and withdrawals via the app, you can use a credit card or bank transfer. The minimum amount you need to deposit and start betting is $40. If we’re being honest, we’d like to see more payment options offered. However, we understand that BetMonarch is relatively new to the online betting world. Therefore, it makes sense to start with a limited number of options before adding the likes of Skrill and PayPal.

BetMonarch customer support

We’ve already established that BetMonarch Sports will offer customer service like no other. The in-house experts are on hand to manage all IT and betting-related issues. Add to this a sportsbook manager who wants to forge personal relationships with customers, and it’s clear you’re going to receive world-class service at BetMonarch.

If you run into any problems that can’t be solved by onsite/in-app FAQ, you can contact a member of the support team via an internal email form or by phone (303-582-1000).

Responsible gambling at BetMonarch sports in Colorado

BetMonarch Sports is licensed and regulated by the Colorado Division of Gaming. This license runs in conjunction with the one held by Monarch Casino Resort Spa and its parent company, Monarch Casino & Resort Inc.

As a licensed operator, BetMonarch has to abide by strict operating standards. From the way it offers odds to the customers it accepts, nothing is left to chance. Part of its obligation to offer a safe online betting environment is responsible gambling features.

Firstly, all customers must verify their age, identity and location. Secondly, security experts are constantly monitoring player activity for suspicious/problematic patterns. Finally, there are ways to restrict your deposits and take time out from the app if you ever feel as though gambling has become a problem.

Wrapping up: BetMonarch Sportsbook in Colorado

BetMonarch sports betting is something of a unique proposition in the online sports betting world. Even though it’s an app in its own right, it shares a much more intimate connection with its offline counterpart than many of its peers. This actually opens up a wealth of benefits. Having the sportsbook manager on hand to help out is something you won’t find elsewhere. The same goes for BetMonarch’s oddsmakers and IT team.

Overall, there’s a much more personal feel to this app than others we’ve seen. Because the online and offline sportsbooks operate with a certain synergy, you feel a lot more connected to the product. This, in tandem with some great loyalty rewards and plenty of betting options, makes BetMonarch Sports an interesting option for anyone in Colorado.