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Now that legal sports betting is here in Colorado, Super Bowl prop betting is a bigger deal than ever.  All the basic NFL prop odds are there — passing yards, TDs, etc. — but more unusual and entertaining Super Bowl props are added every year.

Legal sportsbooks are ready for your Super Bowl betting rush with hundreds of Super Bowl props to consider. Read on for everything you need to know, including live props odds from Colorado online sportsbooks.

Best Super Bowl 57 prop bets

Check the feed below for live prop odds for Super Bowl 57. Use the search bar to find props for either team or any player. Click on any odds to claim your bonus, open a new account, and get started.

Best Super Bowl prop betting sites

All the top Colorado online sportsbooks have hundreds of Super Bowl props, but some do it better than others. Click through below to create a new betting account, claim your bonus, and start your prop betting in advance of the game.

On-field props

If you pick out any random NFL game to bet on during the season, you’ll find a good deal of prop bets attached to it. There will be props that revolve around the entire game, on team accomplishments, and on the performance of individual players.

For Super Bowl betting, that menu multiplies dramatically. There are literally hundreds of Super Bowl props for bettors to consider. This will include all of the standard props that you know and love, such as:

  • Who will have more passing yards in the game — Patrick Mahomes or Tom Brady?
  • How many total passing yards for Patrick Mahomes — over/under 289.5?
  • Will there be a defensive or special teams TD in the game — yes/no?

When a prop presents two choices to consider, there will be odds on both sides of the equation. It’s similar to what you would see for a moneyline bet on the game outcome. If we use the passing yards for Mahomes as an example, the odds might look like this:

  • Over 289.5 -125
  • Under 289.5 +105

If you place a bet on the over, you’d have to bet $125 to see a $100 return for a winning bet. For the under, a $100 winning bet would lead to $105 coming back your way. As with all bets, the odds may move based on market action, and the numbers may also be different between sportsbooks. As such, it’s always a good idea to shop around for the best prices.

See below for a few of the current on-field Super Bowl props already live at CO online sportsbooks. Click on any odds to go directly to the online sportsbook, claim your bonus and make your bet.

Off-field Super Bowl props

Super Bowl nightThere will be plenty of props of the standard variety to consider, as well as a bunch which factor in the off-field aspects of the game. Props of this nature are based around random events that one wouldn’t be too worried about for the average game, but they’re a great way to get even casual fans involved. Here are a couple of popular off-field props:

  • What color Gatorade will be used to celebrate — yellow/red/orange/blue?
  • The result of the opening coin flip will be — heads/tails?

Just like the regular props, there will be odds attached to each possible selection. For a multi-choice prop like the color of the Gatorade, the Super Bowl prop bet odds might look something like this.

  • Yellow +115
  • Red +105
  • Orange +120
  • Blue +125

So let’s say you have a thing for underdogs and decide that blue is the right call. If you wagered $100 and that came to pass, you’d get a return of $125. When you see positive odds, the number equals what the return would be for a $100 winning bet.

If the odds are negative, you can translate that into how much you’d have to wager to get back $100, such as $110 for odds of -110. While the potential return shouldn’t be all that you consider when wagering, it’s helpful to have a handle on what to expect.

Super Bowl player props vs. Super Bowl team props

Player and team props will make up the majority of choices for the Super Bowl. On the player side, it’s about individual performances. Those who have some experience with projecting out fantasy sports performance can find success here.

For team props, it’s mainly about the matchup. If you’ve already broken down the game while looking for edges, any knowledge you acquired along the way can be really helpful here. Let’s take a look at examples for both categories, starting with the players:

  • How many total receptions for Tyreek Hill — over/under 7.5?
  • Which player will win Super Bowl MVP?
  • Who will have more rushing yards — Leonard Fournette or Clyde Edwards-Helaire?

When it’s a specific benchmark, such as receptions for Hill, you can spend some time looking at his recent performance and how the opponent has been defending the passing game. Projections from various daily fantasy sports sites can be helpful as well.

Super Bowl MVP is one of the most popular prop bets on the board. You’ll find odds for all players with a reasonable chance of winning it listed. For additional rooting interest, you can spread out the risk by making multiple selections.

Point of Note: Quarterbacks usually have the upper hand for Super Bowl MVP as history dictates. Recent non-QBs who won include Cooper Kupp, Julian Edelman, and Von Miller, but it skews heavily towards quarterbacks.

For team props, the goal is to figure out what each side will accomplish during the game. As mentioned, if you’ve found a clear advantage while breaking down the game, you may have a good spot to focus on.

As an example, if one team is really strong on the ground while the other struggles against the run, team rushing props could be a spot to zero in on. Here are a few examples of the props that fall into the team category:

  • Which side will force more turnovers — Chiefs or Bucs?
  • Total TDs scored before halftime will be — over/under 4.5?
  • Will there be an INT returned for a TD — yes/no?

The overall prop betting menu for the Super Bowl is really deep, but the good news is that you can focus your efforts. Take a glance at the available offerings and make note of the ones you are most interested in. Afterwards, focus your research efforts on the props that made the cut and take a pass on the rest.

Offense vs. defense props

As you break down the game, there’s a good chance you’ll find specific advantages for the two teams on either offense or defense. This can be valuable intel to use as you consider various prop betting scenarios.

Offensive props will revolve around things like yardage and scoring. Some defensive props may be about the same, but there will also be ones that are based on things like turnovers and sacks. Here’s a look at some of the choices on both sides:

  • Which team will have more passing yards — Bucs or Chiefs?
  • How many total turnovers will there be in the game — over/under 1.5?
  • What will be the total amount of TDs scored — over/under 7.5?
  • Will there be a safety in the game — yes/no?

The time you spend researching and uncovering little gems of insight can prove to be quite valuable. After all, with hundreds of props on the board, there are bound to be some in which the oddsmakers have missed the mark at least a little bit.

Once again, we have to stress not pulling your hair out while trying to break down every single prop on the board. As with straight wagers, the idea is to find the bets in which you can find an edge. If you don’t have a good feel, take a pass and move on.

What’s a good or bad Super Bowl prop bet?

Naturally, the best Super Bowl prop bets are the ones for which you ultimately cash a ticket. That can be easier said than done, but you can improve your chances by taking a targeted approach with your wagering strategy.

If we take this tact, the “good” Super Bowl prop bets are the ones for which we can make a reasonable prediction on what will happen. A “bad” Super Bowl prop bet is a wager that we view as a complete toss-up or simply can’t get a read on at all.

Also, keep in mind the overall nature of the bets offered. The standard prop bets can be approached with an eye towards researching to make the best choice, while the entertainment-style offerings can involve lots of guesswork.

That doesn’t mean you need to completely shy away from those that fall in the latter category. Once again, take a measured approach. If you can at least make a reasonable guess, go for it. If not, save your wagering dollars for the bets you have a better feel for.

Super Bowl and NBA crossover props

On Super Bowl Sunday, we know where the eyes of the world will be. However, that doesn’t mean that the other sports take the day off. There will be some other games going on, and oddsmakers will offer up some interesting crossover props as a result.

For example, the NBA and the NHL might have games scheduled for that day. That’ll lead to crossover props such as this being posted:

  • Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Lakers both to win — yes/no?
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tampa Bay Lightning both to win — yes/no?

There could also be some tie-ins that revolve around the performance of star players. Examples in this category include:

  • Patrick Mahomes to throw for 3+ TDs and LeBron James to score over 30 Points — yes/no?
  • Tom Brady to pass for 300+ yards and Steven Stamkos to score a goal — yes/no?

Crossover props can help you spread out the enjoyment leading into the Big Game. If you nail the first half of the prop earlier in the day, you’ll have even more rooting interest as the game plays out.

How to bet on Super Bowl props in Colorado

You can start betting on Super Bowl props quickly and easily. First things first, you’ll need a place to bet.

DraftKings Sportsbook app ColoradoAll of our recommended sportsbooks are officially licensed and regulated by the state of Colorado. Once you’ve chosen one of the sportsbooks from above, you can have an account up and running in little time.

Here’s the process:

  1. Click through on our exclusive links to claim the sign-up bonus.
  2. Enter your information on the registration page and submit.
  3. Download the app for your phone or tablet directly from the sportsbook website and log in.
  4. Make your first deposit to load your account, or use any bonus that you’ve obtained.
  5. Browse the Super Bowl props you want to bet on and place your bets.

The entire process takes a couple of minutes. If you’re in a rush on Super Bowl Sunday, no worries there. However, getting set up early will give you extra time to comb through the range of prop bets being offered.

You also don’t have to stop betting once the game kicks off. You can make live sports bets as the game plays out with the top sportsbooks. You’ll see updated game lines as well as a whole slew of props to consider as you enjoy the action.